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That wasn't a defense

The video montages looked like campaign commercials to me. Snips of different conversations, out of context, to promote lies. It doesn't feel like they were even trying, with the show trial McConnell promised, so they shifted right to advertising

85 seconds


Camp Fire Anniversary Remembrance Event

Those wishing to observe the anniversary of the Camp Fire are invited to honor the 85 lives lost by unifying in 85 seconds of silence on 11/08 at 11:08 a.m.

Heard on the way in to work this morning. It's been one year, still feels raw

Camp Fire death toll reaches 86 after man dies in hospital

PARADISE, Calif. —
The Butte County Sheriff's Office has released the name of another victim of November's destructive Camp Fire, bringing the death toll to 86.

Paul Ernest, 72, of Paradise was identified by authorities Thursday.

Ernest was hospitalized with serious injuries and died months after the fire broke out.


DU redirects to "loompasplace.com" - possible iOS malware?

(posting from computer support per suggestion)

Doing this from Safari on iPhone. The past day I keep getting hijacked from DU repeatedly. Understand if it's advertising, but worried that (a) it hijacks the browser session with no option to exit and (b) does it again if I close the window and come back again.

I can't find anything useful so far on the redirect site, whatever loompasplace is. Figured it was worth checking to make sure I'm not dealing with some iOS variety malware

Nonstop redirects to "loompasplace.com" - how malicious could they be?

Doing this from Safari on iPhone. The past day I keep getting hijacked from DU repeatedly. Understand if it's advertising, but worried that (a) it hijacks the browser session with no option to exit and (b) does it again if I close the window and come back again.

I can't find anything useful so far on the redirect site, whatever loompasplace is. Figured it was worth checking to make sure I'm not dealing with some iOS variety malware

Kitbull- Cute short animated film

Don't think I've seen it shared yet. Guess I have a soft spot for happy endings

When no apology is needed

Your reaction based on personal experience and admittedly so is fine by me

I always ask myself, what if was exactly the same accusation, same alleged crime, same evidence, but instead of <name of well-known person of celebrity or influence>, it was me instead?

Depressingly often, in my estimation, I would be fired, divorced, and imprisoned, and yet the famous and powerful are believed and walk out scot-free

So if it's honest, not derogatory, and bashing nobody, no apology necessary

(If any of that is confusing, was responding to an OP I didn't think needed an apology as part of the post. Apparently it got squashed before I could finish. Consider this a plea to not exercise a hair-trigger response, please!)

So Thanksgiving could have gone better

Slept in a little yesterday, for starters. Why not? Low-expectation day, just Mrs and me, no major plans and no expectations of having to deal with blood pressure-elevating issues, other than the usual amount of necessary coffee. Got the stuff for a lazy vegan breakfast and dinner ready to go, take time do it the right way, remember to call my mom, it should all be good

Started to make breakfast. As I took the fake bacon product out of the toaster oven, the smoke detector went off. Not that there was any smoke, just sometimes it has a hair trigger. We know the drill: make sure the kitchen is not on fire (check) then open some windows for ventilation, get fans going, press the reset button on the smoke detector, and double-check the rest of the house.

All clear

Then, just as we get back to the kitchen, the alarm goes off again. Same drill as before, this time I checked the garage and the attic too. Nada

About this time, the usual amount of necessary coffee kicks in. But while I'm, er, adjusting bladder pressure, the alarm goes off again

As I'm hitting the reset switch again, Mrs remembers this happened to her last year while I was at work, and the local Fire Department - after giving the house a once-over - had said to try replacing the batteries in those smoke detectors. That sounds like something that might explain the problem!

It took some driving but I finally found a store open at 11AM thanksgiving morning that had the right batteries. Progress. Get home, grab a stepladder, start swapping in new batteries. I got 5 of the 6 replaced when I heard a crash and a few unprintable words from Mrs. I find her sitting on the floor in the living room.

Turns out cats are bad about putting their toys away; she stepped on one, her foot went flying, she fell more or less uncontrollably. "I think my wrist is broken" she said. Something she did once before as a 12-year-old, thanks to being 12 and having a homemade skateboard, so she was speaking from experience

Helped her get dressed, slammed the battery into the last smoke detector so hopefully the alarm wouldn't go off while we were gone, and straight to the ER

Six hours later, with official x-ray confirmation of a broken ulna (clean break, minimal displacement, no need to try to manipulate bones to set the break fortunately) and a temporary cast/splint, we were heading for the closest pharmacy open on Thanksgiving to get the prescription for pain meds. Never did get breakfast. Or lunch. We spotted a small Mexican restaurant that was open for some reason, while the prescription was being filled we celebrated the day with tostadas for Thanksgiving dinner

Well, the new batteries seem to have done the trick, still haven't had that lazy breakfast, and the pain meds have nausea as an unfortunate side effect, as I learned at 3 AM when Mrs needed help making it to the bathroom to throw up - which she says was something she expected, she just feels the reduced pain far outweighs the nausea

So Thanksgiving could have gone better. But all in all, I think we're doing fine. Her arm will heal soon enough; meanwhile she's drafting me to help keep her metaphysical stuff website updated as new merchandise comes in. I know we have enough food on hand to put a couple of meals together. And tonight I finally called my mom, who understands why circumstances kept me from calling yesterday, and was happy to hear from me anyway

And yes, sometimes our pets are pests, and sometimes our homes seem possessed; sometimes circumstance conspires to frustrate us. We are fortunate. Remember that. As we deal with these annoyances, in California tens of thousands of our neighbors have lost their homes entirely in the past two weeks; thousands of pets are separated from the people they love unconditionally; and we still don't know how many people will never again be able to tell their mother or father how much they are loved. Remember too that the first response to their suffering from the current occupant of the White House - who many of these same people voted for - was to sneer sadistically, and twist the knife.

Please, do what you can. California is personal for me, an example. I hope you can address something personal to you. And if there's someone you care about who hasn't heard from you in a while, find a way to let them know you love them.

(Updated with map) Camp Fire: Town of Paradise releases list of destroyed residences

Cal Fire map of structures affected as of Monday


Accept terms. If you know the address and the county officials have gotten there, it will tell you how much damage and if damaged or lost, pictures

So far everyone I know there is alive, but none of them have homes to return to


Hope it's not duplicate of another OP in the group I didn't see

From KRCR TV website article


The actual link


Hopefully at least one link works for anyone still in the limbo of uncertainty about their home, I feel awful if your home is in there. Partial list of what town of Paradise knows about released in the past couple hours. 668 structures listed so far of the 6000+ believed to be gone

Remember that every line is actually somebody's home, business, or place of worship. Please do what you can to help the people and animals who have nothing left and a "President" who doesn't give a damn

The list is compiled of all residences counted so far that have suffered more than 50 percent fire damage.

The Town of Paradise stressed that the list might not be 100 percent accurate, but they are choosing to release the information as soon as they can.

Pantsless Man Shows the World How Not to Rob a Waffle House

Rule no. 1 of robbing a Waffle House: wear pants

I know what you’re thinking, and no, this did not happen in Florida.

Welcome to Tuscumbia, Alabama, where a pantless would-be burglar fell through the ceiling of a Waffle House after a botched attempt to break into the office of the restaurant.

I also know what you’re thinking: Wait, why was this guy pantless and how did he fall through the ceiling? Is there a connection between the two, or is it pure coincidence? Well, strap yourself in, because there’s a totally logical explanation for all of this.


Seems to have been a run of people missing clothing falling through ceilings this week
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