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Member since: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 04:42 AM
Number of posts: 1,985

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Should taxation of Social Security benefits be indexed for inflation?

Around 1986, during the Reagan administration, Social Security benefits were taxed at the federal level for the first time. The taxation started when 1/2 of the SS benefits plus all other income exceeded a certain level. The extent to which the total exceeded a predefined threshold would then be subject to tax.

The problem today is that these thresholds have not been increased to take into account cost of living inflation. For example, you take 1/2 of your SS benefits, plus all other income, and if that exceeds $25,000 per year (for single filers), then up to 50% of your SS benefits are subject to federal income tax. That formula has not changed since 1986! (in 1993, a higher threshold, $34,000, was added, at which point up to 85% of SS benefits could be taxed.

What this boils down to is ever increasing taxation of Social Security benefits for many recipients.

Using a simple cost of living calculator, the cost of living in America has gone up about 230% since 1986. This means that if the first threshold for SS benefit taxation had been indexed for inflation, the current first threshold should be about $57,536 instead of $25,000. The second threshold of $34,000 should be raised to about $78,250 today.

These are not trivial amounts, folks. These are substantial hits on retired senior income.

My question for the DU community: what can we do to get Congress to bring the SS benefit taxation thresholds back in line with actual cost of living increases over the years?

1958 TV Western episode features a traveling con-artist named Trump...

... who tries to bilk an entire town, threatening them with total destruction if they don't buy his equivalent of a protective wall...

I kid you not!!!

"Dealing with Trump is like negotiating with a criminal..."


Great article!

The Shutdown Could End Tomorrow But Dealing With Trump Is Like Negotiating With a Criminal

Before taking office President Donald Trump shouted from the rafters about his ability to get deals done. He truly sold white America on his business acumen and ability to seal the deal. Now we all realize that his business methods are equivalent to a goon holding a debtors kids in a seedy basement until he gets his money.

With the tact of a rhinoceros in a bong shop, president Trump seems to have totally forgotten that he has complete control of Congress until January rolls around. He doesn’t need Democrats to push anything through, including funding for his dumb-ass wall that no one wants.

(more at link above...)

Trump bares his true hairline...

There have been photos in the past of Trump's forward flip hair being blown back in the wind, revealing inches of bare scalp.

Today, without the benefit of wind, video taken while Trump rants in his Oval Office also show what appears to be a drastically receded hairline.

Head on, it's not so bad, because the carefully arranged and hair spray secured nest of hair obscures what lurks below. Evidently this is what he sees in the mirror so he thinks he's fooling everyone.

But in the side view, about 20 seconds into the clip, you can clearly see the bare pink scalp silhouetted against the bright white of a flag. Looks to me like there's about three of four inches of totally bare scalp under that bouffant camouflage, all the way to the top of his head.

See for yourself:

Old Baldy Revealed

Trump and Putin - A Love Story

Trump and Putin - A Love Story

Trump and Putin - A Love Story

"I know words, the best words..."

Trump and Putin - A Love Story

I am wondering what I can do to help the Dems retake the house in November...

I live in a relatively blue area, so I don't figure I need to do much locally. But perhaps traveling to red districts in state and talking one on one with voters would help.


Trump thought foreplay was something to do with golf, says Stormy Daniels

Trump thought ‘foreplay’ was something to do with golf, says Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump has been put on blast by former lover and porn star Stormy Daniels after she criticised his rushed, haphazard approach to love making.

After several brief encounters with the future president, Stormy asked Donald why he never engaged in foreplay with her.

His answer took her back.

‘When I asked him about foreplay, he said that women weren’t allowed on the golf courses he frequented,’ said Daniels.

Stormy, who was paid $130,000 in hush money to keep quiet about her affair with Trump, also said that the president’s ‘driver’ came some way short of satisfying her.

‘It was less of a driver and more of a putter,’ she said.

President Trump has refused to comment on the accusations as he’s currently on the golf course having a conversation about foreplay with a very confused caddy.

Trump shows up in court...

Win an expense paid trip to DC to have dinner with Trump!

No contribution necessary at this link:


Resist In Person!

(Don't forget your Dramamine)
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