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Member since: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 07:50 PM
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Try on for size...

Have a seat...

Dr. Fauci's presser today...

What a difference a new administration makes!

"The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence -- what the science is, and know that's it, let the science speak, it is somewhat of a liberating feeling."

Overheard at Mar A Lago this morning...

“Get your own god-damned Diet Coke!”

Mike Pompeo tweets...


Keep dreaming asshole!

Tucker Carlson warns viewers they could be targets of "war on white supremacists"

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Now that we're waging war on white supremacists, can somebody tell us in very clear language what a white supremacist is?


If you cannot clearly define what white supremacy is; you most likely adhere to it’s basic tenents.

Additionally; if you want “very clear language” on what white supremacy is; you need to shut the fuck up for ten minutes and pay attention.

Let’s begin with the “structural advantage” you claim supposedly doesn’t exist...

President Biden @POTUS


I don’t drink; so this is my indulgence to celebrate!

Feel free to share yours as well!

::fist bump::

The end of the Trump-Fox feedback loop

Early in his administration, it seemed novel but almost frivolous to reveal the source of the president’s tweets. The Fox-Trump feedback loop explained that Trump fixations like NFL players who protest racism and seemingly random presidential statements about topics like his administration’s aviation record resulted not from madness or strategy, but from his inability to stop posting about what he was watching. It was unnerving that the president preferred to learn about the world through the lens of right-wing propaganda, and it was troubling how quickly his tweets could upend the news cycle, though his habits didn’t necessarily seem dangerous.

But as Trump’s presidency continued, this dynamic between the president and his preferred network began playing a major role in federal policy. Fox News personalities and guests became aware of the power their shows had over the president and tried to leverage it, with some success.

That pattern reached a crescendo in 2020, with deadly results. Fox News’ coverage consistently downplayed the danger posed by the coronavirus pandemic, and Trump was watching. He sent live tweets of Fox News segments promoting the use of untested antimalarial drugs as possible “game changers” for COVID-19 treatment; claiming that social distancing measures would be more damaging than the virus; and endorsing anti-social-distancing protests. And he warped the federal response to match the network’s take, even putting the radiologist Dr. Scott Atlas on the White House coronavirus task force because he liked Atlas’ Fox News appearances promoting a minimalist response to the pandemic. Fox’s coverage got Americans killed specifically because the president was watching the network, taking notes, and tweeting out his thoughts.

His removal is already improving the information ecosystem. Online misinformation about election fraud plummeted by 73% after social media companies banned Trump and some of his key allies, Zignal Labs reported. Notably, without access to Twitter, the president was unable to promote Fox reports that fueled his apparent belief that antifa was behind the Capitol riot.


“The president’s TV addiction inspired at least 1,375 tweets dating back to September 1, 2018. The vast majority came in response to his favorite programs on the pro-Trump Fox News and Fox Business networks.”
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