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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
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People mistake "lack of sympathy" for "endorsement" (Scalise shooting)

Am I particularly sympathetic to people who marry Hell's Angels and the like and then are shocked they turn out to be psychopaths? No. Does that mean I think they SHOULD be beaten? No.

On the same token, I'm not particularly sympathetic to the GOP right now. They've actively courted people who think that shooting public officials THEY don't like is patriotic. If Scalise were a member of the EPA or Bureau of Land Management, half the GOP members who are blubbering right now would be calling the shooter a patriot who was "watering the Tree of Liberty" or some BS. And many would say that the shooting is REALLY a false flag.

So yeah, dude SHOULDN'T have been shot but I'm not exactly rushing out to buy him a Get Well card either.

Dare to compare

Kathy Griffin: Traumatizes Barron Trump with tasteless photo and loses multiple invites from Dem events
Alex Jones: Traumatizes mass shooting survivors by insisting that their dead family and friends never existed and spends significant air time slandering them. Gets invited to speak at GOP convention
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