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Gender: Female
Home country: United States
Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 09:16 PM
Number of posts: 426

Journal Archives

Did you watch Dateline: White House today?

If so, I think it was Neal Katyal who listed the four “impeachable” offenses, according to the four Founders who wrote impeachment into the Constitution—Perfidy, Disloyalty, Emoluments,
and . . .? I think I caught all but one.

No religion too.

It appears that Backlash is a two-way street.

“The number of Americans identifying as atheists is increasing — and recent social science research suggests that the Christian Right is playing a key role in making that happen.”


Joe Walsh is as contemptible as they come, and yet. . .

I have to admit it was refreshing to hear a dyed-in-the-wool tea-bagger go after the orange aberration on Morning Joke this morning (at 38:22).

Is it wicked of me to fantasize

. . .that Epstein is, at this moment, being reincarnated as a girl in a poor Saudi Arabian family?

Citizens might not be powerless.

We have the vote, but who has confidence that the 2020 election won’t be rigged? We can protest, write, call, and visit our “elected representatives,” but how many of them ignore our passion and priorities in favor of their corporate donors? The oligarchs who own our government officials don’t see us as citizens, or even as fully human. To them, we are nothing more than consumers. Therein lies our strength.

The white nationalists can threaten us with their weapons of death. We prefer not to engage in lower primate behavior. That seems to leave us at a disadvantage, but what if we disengage in consumerism to the extent possible? What if we put away our credit cards for, say, till the next election? I don’t know. Just asking.

Here’s the article that got me thinking:

We can't understand Trumpenstein's base without understanding toxic masculinity.

“Some of the racist, sexist, and homophobic vitriol spewed at Trump rallies is performative, spewed by men who did not believe it, or at least with that intensity, but were afraid their masculinity would be questioned if they did not pose as an angry, hateful Trump supporter, who doesn’t care about your feelings. Many of Trump’s supporters engaged in the same kind of pissing contest as internet trolls, where the point was not actually to advance an idea, but to prove how tough you personally are through a specific demonstration of emotional disregard and potential, and occasionally actual, violence.”

“To put this another way, there are members of Trump’s base, especially men, who truly don’t believe in him, but feel obligated to attend his rallies, shout his slogans, and even vote for him to be real men for their friends and family. This is not to absolve them of responsibility, but to define a relationship with toxic masculinity in our search for a way out of it.”


Is Trumpenstein getting a cut from the prison industrial complex

. . .running the child concentration camps? Inquiring citizens might want to know.

TedTalk: How Octopuses Battle Each Other

Can you guess which is the Democrat and which is the Republican?

Please forgive me. I’m feeling especially distraught tonight. Maybe I’m overly tired.

Have you checked out the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network?

I see it was posted a few weeks ago, but it’s worth promoting until it becomes a ubiquitous DU community resource for progressive news, information, insight, analysis and humor.

It offers podcasts from progressive luminaries like John Fugelsang, Bob Cesca, Ryan Grimm (Proud Resister), Jody Hamilton, Frangela, Dean Obeidallah, Rude Pundit, Randi Rhodes, and Stephanie Miller. With support, they aspire to add more podcasters and succeed where Air America failed.

At the very least, it provides a nice alternative to a constant diet of corporate media.

Easy plastic waste solution is staring us in the face.

Unfortunately, corporate lobbyists are making sure we don’t use it.
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