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crazycatlady's Journal
crazycatlady's Journal
March 13, 2019

Update on Mayor Pete's road to 65,000 donors

(copied and pasted from an email I received from him)

Hi there,

Earlier this week, we announced some fundraising statistics: In the 24 hours immediately following the CNN Town Hall, we raised $600,000 from over 22,200 donations.

Here's what's more exciting: We are 85% of the way to the 65,000-donor metric required to be invited to the DNC debate. As of this morning, 55,359 people across the country have invested in this bold vision for our future.

Donor Update

The national exposure generated by the CNN Town Hall certainly helped boost our numbers over the last 72 hours, but most of our donors actually invested before that. Through your support, the work of our Grassroots Fundraising Team, and small-dollar donors in every state across the country (and PR and DC, too), we're on a solid path to being invited to the debate stage.

We're not there yet, though, and we need your participation to make it to 65,000. Would you please consider making a $3 donation today?

If you did quick math above, you calculated that our average donation in that 24-hour period was $27.03. Campaigns always talk a lot about that metric -- the "average dollar donation," because it is supposed to prove grassroots support.

We're committed to being honest and transparent with our data -- especially with you, our earliest supporters. We look at other metrics, like the percentage of our total amount raised brought in through donations under $200. (Right now, that number is 65%.)

We'll continue to crunch the numbers on our end, particularly as we approach the end of the month and close the books on this fiscal quarter. We can't wait to share the full story of the data with you.

If you can, please make a $3 donation today, and be included in that story:


Thanks again,

Pete for America

January 31, 2019

cross posted from Reddit

You are given $300 million to make a movie. Only catch is that it has to bomb at the box office or you and your loved ones die.

What do you make?

January 21, 2019

something really cool happened to me this weekend

As some of you know, I make and sell pussyhats (a few of you here have been customers of mine-- thank you) and this forum encouraged me to open an Etsy store with them.

Well on Saturday, I was at the NYC Women's March and I saw a mother/daughter pair wearing hats with a yarn I am very familiar with. I asked them where they got them and they mentioned an Etsy store. The daughter told me her first name and I recognized her as a customer of mine (I only had 1 transaction where I sold 2 of that hat to 1 person). She told me her experience was great and asked me for more cards.

It was such an awesome feeling seeing my work out in the wild.

January 18, 2019

Will Sarah Palin ever be relevant again

For years, I dressed as Sarah Palin for Halloween (2008-2014). Last time I did, nobody recognized what my costume was supposed to be.

I'm Kon-Mari-ing my closet and my SP costume is staring at me (red jacket, black pencil skirt). Should I send to back to the Goodwill that it came from?

December 24, 2018

keep them busy...

November 17, 2018

Can we get a new rule on this forum?

One that pertains to leaving a politician's minor children alone. There's a post on GD with a conspiracy theory about Barron Trump and IMO it is very tasteless. The kid is 12. He did not sign up for this.

If we want the right to leave the Obama girls alone, we should extend the same courtesy.

(Obviously this does not apply to adult children who choose to insert themselves into the spotlight like the 3 oldest Trump kids).

March 14, 2018

Feel good website

DU Cat people-- if you're ever feeling down or just need a quick pick me up, check out www.lovemeow.com

You won't regret it >^..^<

January 29, 2018

Rodney Frelinghuysen Wont Seek 13th Term

Source: Roll Call

New Jersey Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, will not run for re-election in November.

Read more: http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/rodney-frelinghuysen-wont-seek-13th-term

Another one bites the dust.
January 27, 2018

cats stealing pizza

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