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if..fish..had..wings's Journal
if..fish..had..wings's Journal
April 5, 2020


Crowds at the airport will stop the Muslim ban.

The women's march will stop the misogyny.

Protests will stop the kids in cages.

Mueller will put him away.

Impeachment and removal.

Ennui will beat him in the election.

The rot at the heart of the American polity is much deeper. The right wants to flip off the arrogant liberals who have humiliated them for decades and will destroy the country in order to do so. They do not care that Trump lies and cheats. He's "owning" the libs.

The right politicians simply no longer care to hide their hatred of Democracy and of the liberal ideas of allowing women and blacks to vote. They want to limit voting so that they can continue to dismantle democracy so that they can continue to enrich themselves and their friends.

"They" want to own the libtards and they are succeeding because we are clueless on how to deal with almost half the country that really wants to destroy the country. They believe that if you return blacks to slavery, strip women of the vote, build walls at the borders and stop having any interactions with the outside world, retreating to a caveman existence, that they will be better off than they are now.

We do not know what to do. They will not listen to reason. They will not acknowledge their own inconsistency. They seem to be brainless or just evil or both. Do we get guns and fight them? Do we vote them out of office?

Do not be mistaken about how serious they are at keeping the country at the level Trump has taken it. When they say they will get their guns and fight if Trump loses, they mean it.

Do not forget, they actually believe that the virus is a hoax. Trump actually said that the Dems blaming him was a "hoax" not that the virus itself was, but both sides misunderstood. His people think this is all a deep state conspiracy. The entire fucking planet is conspiring to get them.

This is paranoia very deeply seated, and Trump is their savior, the only one who can keep them from being programmed or drugged or whatever the hell they think is being done to them. They will vote for him and possibly fight for him even if there are millions of dead bodies lying around.

The left's belief that reasonable behavior will win in the end is sad. We are fighting against a guy who could say that he has spoken to the aliens and they are going to help him kill all the liberals as soon as he is reelected and his people would cheer the news! And we think we can simply rely on people being too tired of his exhausting behavior they will vote for normalcy.

God Emperor Trump is saving them from a fate worse than death. The stakes for them are so much higher than they are for us. We have a corrupt gangster in the White House. They have a cosmic battle between Good and Evil that will determine the fate of humanity. We have an idiotic, misogynistic TV star living some sort of narcissistic fantasy. They have the very existence of the world to fight for.

I would not count on peoples exhaustion driving the election outcome as they are not exhausted, they are empowered and invigorated. We are exhausted and running out of ideas. We did not believe that Trump would win in the first place. Why do we now believe that Trump will not win this November?

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