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lambchopp59's Journal
lambchopp59's Journal
February 28, 2022

Kudos to the Feinsteins in this time of 😔 grief

"My heart is broken today. My husband was my partner and best friend for more than 40 years. He was by my side for the good times and for the challenges. I am going to miss him terribly,” Feinstein stated. “Dick was incredibly devoted to his family, particularly his daughters and his grandchildren, and my heart is with them and everyone who Dick encountered. He was the type of man who really replaced his divot in life, who left things better than he found them. His enormous generosity is an inspiration for so many of us.”
February 14, 2022

My dog may have saved my life

Tiago, short for Santiago, 2 and 1/2 year old husky/malamute rescued his poppa from his loneliness amid the pandemic and California fires. Tiago had wandered through Northern California fire zones extensively as a runaway from suspected abusive and/or neglectful situation by behavioral evidence.
You'd never know he had a rough puppy hood now.
On my days off at my latest gig here in Palm Springs I caught a moment to let Tiago run while a dog park was abandoned. Tiago tends to not play nice with others, so I can only give him a free run and play session this way.
Tiago jumped on me, playing, toppling me onto my back, hard enough to knock the breath out of me.
That evening, there was blood in my urine that has been intermittent, episodic since that caused me to pursue care. Turns out there's a tumor in my bladder to be TURB'ed next week.
Had it not been for Tiago knocking me on my back, I might have not known of this condition until far more severe!
Tiago knows his poppa does something important taking care of people at someplace called a hospital. He gets a sad when poppa puts on his scrubs to go. Then he's so loving and full of embraces and kisses for his poppa when exhausted from the daily onslaught, lately getting a bit better, thank you vaccinated people!
Now he may well have saved my life.
February 10, 2022

The mask debacle

Even when mask mandates are repealed, I feel that wearing washable and/or disposable mask in grocery stores and especially in crowded, confined spaces remains a good all around health conscious idea.
I can't help but wonder if those who had such tantrums about public health measures such as masks, not to mention vaccinations will finally dawn on this ilk that they rebelled against nothing but partisan bullshit.
There's so much perilous ignorance perpetuated primarily by Republicans that someday will become glaringly obvious as malicious, lethal lies.
At 62 and in some compromised health it's fairly unlikely I'll personally see the full day of reckoning about climate change. But in a few years when the vaccinated haven't succumbed to idiotic notions of organs dissolved, crystallized etc. that the RWNJ carnival barkers have broadcast their doom and gloom messages, will it dawn on these lemmings they were wrong, yet some of their loved ones are still dead due to their insolence? Time will tell.

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