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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
December 1, 2017

Mitch McConnell threatens the USA and the president

"tell the people the truth about trump being a traitor and we will claim you are making it up and being political"

I want this piece of shit in prison

December 1, 2017

When adults take back govt, can everything in the "kill the poor and elderly" tax bill be reversed?

Or will the corp tax cuts be permanent?


There are ways to get around the corp tax cuts if they are permanent, just remove some of the provisions allowing them to reduce the amount they owe.

Everything else, unless we end up in a civil or world war, is reversible and FAST?

November 30, 2017

Medicare and Social Security are going away, this much is now obvious. The question

really only is which of us die in the streets, which of us dont?

November 28, 2017

Look around you here at DU, someone to your left or right will be dead or homeless

within one year of the GOP traitortrump tax bill implementation.

And it will be because of the bill.

Some here will die when ACA is destroyed. Many will be homeless because of just ACA, not to mention the devastating cuts to the system that keeps many of us alive.

In 10 years or less Medicare will be a voucher that ultimately puts at least half of our elderly in the streets.

This is happening, not maybe, not IF something else happens.


But sure,. as bad as all this is it has to be better than ....oops, I cant mention that without getting in trouble


If trump has to go the day AFTER this passes because his treason is exposed, the GOP wont care anymore. They want rich people richer and the rest of us so fucking poor voting is the LAST thing on our minds. And they are gonna get it.

I will GLADLY admit I am wrong if it doesnt happen. But if it does, some folks out there will NEVER be forgiven NEVER

November 28, 2017

Did Putin go after CNN International the same DAY Trump did?



Look, of course Putin owns Trump and Trump is an actual fucking traitor and he does, on a daily basis, what Putin tells him to do.

But, so far, most people here in America dont know or care. oh well

What I want to know is why do the fucking supporters not care?
November 28, 2017

Legacy admissions, how do you THINK someone as dumb as Trump even got INTO a university?


Many articles on how, including those on how rich kids can cheat and it is widely known rich kids use tutors and when they can they use substitutes to do not only their work but the tests, as well.

Real simple, both W and Trump are too dumb to have graduated in any sense of success from any accredited university. Period.

There are many more, of course, these are just the high profile cheaters we know about for obvious reasons.

The problem other than the obvious perpetuation of undeserved wealth and power, is idiots like them get to stand up in front of large crowds and receive thunderous applause as great minds and leaders.

Great cheaters, more like it.

So sick of this shit I could spit.
November 27, 2017

Putin's orders: "Make sure your citizens cant believe anything they read or hear from the media"

Access Hollywood, as an example.

The truth is about to come out, whether it is documents, videos, whatever, it will be there in plain sight.

If there is a video of trump or kushner plotting against the United States electoral system, working with our enemy, it will be called fake news, not real.

If there is pictures and testimony of peeing on beds (not that it would matter to a single supporter), it will be called "fake news."

There is a reason for all this, and we are about to see it. Soon.

After our internet is taken from us, or the freedom of it, dont plan on doing much or reading much here at DU. Once Comcast finds out what goes on here, ATT, etc. The problem isnt could that happen, as far fetched as it seems, the problem is that we have to EVEN fucking discuss it!

November 27, 2017

Al Franken goes after the KKK member in the DOJ and the Trump White House for being traitors

and then all of a sudden he grabbed butts of anonymous accusers?

But lets all fall for this and at a time when we simply cant afford to, and lets all fuck over our own AGAIN!

I would say sigh here, but it is a waste of my sighs.

This is fucking sarcasm ...

November 27, 2017

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