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Here are some other topics for the House to investigate

The House D's need to approach this carefully as soon as the new Representatives are sworn in and committee assignments are made.

They will also need to make as much progress as possible on healthcare, economy, etc (and it won't be easy), while, at the same time, investigating the hell out these crooks for the last two years.

Besides 2016 Election and Russia, some other areas to consider:

-Brian Kemp's Secretary of State's office in handling GA federal elections: hopefully, this will tell us what really went on in terms of voter suppression

-Trump family corruption and taxes

-Devin Nunes and his "handling" of Russia investigation

Feel free to add!

Please tell people having voting issues to call Election Protection at 866-OUR VOTE

This is a non-partisan group of lawyers across the US answering calls and on the ground in precincts throughout the US for people having problems or questions about voting.

They will be on call all throughout November 6 in all time zones covering the US to answer questions and to deal with voting issues on the spot.


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