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Madam45for2923's Journal
Madam45for2923's Journal
September 20, 2016

Supermodel pouty lips Donald Trump


It’s Not Too Late for the Media to Fix Its Election Coverage
A final plea for sanity in how we report on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


The case against Donald Trump
September 19, 2016

Where in the world is Meredith McIver? Have you seen this woman?

We belive Meredith McIver worked for Trump in 2003, has been a ghost since.
John Miller-Barron reboot?




September 19, 2016

Don't let Ivanka Trump fool u! Sec HC has led on childcare her whole career!

"Don’t let the Trump spin fool you – Hillary Clinton has led on childcare her whole career."


Ivanka Trump Is Lying About Both Candidates’ Records on Family Leave

The widely held belief that entrepreneur Ivanka Trump is her father’s best public spokesperson was tested this week during her tour in support of his new child-care and maternity-leave proposals. In a series of interviews, Ivanka, who’s regularly been praised as the smart, poised, appealing Trump, and who certainly gave the glossiest speech of the Republican convention (in which she argued for policy reform supported by Democrats), had trouble under even mild scrutiny of her dad’s proposals, and instead revealed herself as just as defensive and dishonest as her father.

On Wednesday, Ivanka spoke with Prachi Gupta of Cosmopolitan. When Gupta asked how Trump’s plan, which would federally mandate six weeks of maternity-leave coverage — and only maternity-leave coverage — would benefit same-sex couples, Ivanka could not answer, maintaining only that it is designed “to help mothers in recovery in the immediate aftermath of childbirth.” When Gupta followed up by clarifying that in the case of same-sex adoption where both parents are men, they wouldn’t receive leave “because they don’t need to recover,” Ivanka became defensive, noting “those are your words, not mine,” even though they had in fact been a version of her words.

When Gupta next asked about comments Donald Trump made in 2004 about pregnancy being an inconvenience for employers, Ivanka became irritated. “I think that you have a lot of negativity in these questions, and I think my father has put forth a very comprehensive and really revolutionary plan.” Trump did not seem to notice that Gupta had asked a question about a negative comment her father had made about the very issues they were discussing, nor did she care. Instead she described him as a champion of women and suggested that “to imply otherwise” — by citing his actual words — “is an unfair characterization of his track record.” When Gupta pressed her further, Ivanka simply began lying. “On child care specifically, there are no proposals on the table” — Hillary Clinton laid out, four months ago, an ambitious set of proposals on child care that include capping child-care expenses at 10 percent of household income and raising the pay of child-care providers — “He really took ownership of this issue.” Ivanka then appeared to cut the interview short.

If only she’d shortened her considerably friendlier Good Morning America interview earlier in the day, before making the odd choice to attack one of Clinton’s true sweet spots: economic policies to benefit working women and families.


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