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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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White xtian supremacy, fragility and jealousy.

Jews are a highly successful minority. In Western society only white xtian protestants are 'supposed' to be at the top, even Catholics initially faced blowback.

Jews are also blamed by the far-right for attempting to 'depurify' xtian whites and 'destroy' the traditional white order via various policies (globalism, diversity, social justice etc).

The far-right views Jews as highly intelligent, but also dangerous. So IOW it is also a form of projection.

This is a political forum for Democrats and liberals,

not a legal/law website.

Values and opinions are not informed by a literal reading of the law. The law once held that black people and women were property. Such a view (even when it was supported by law) was wrong then and wrong now. Rittenhouse is a terrorist despite what (one interpretation) of the law found. And judges and juries have often nullified the laws, and if required could've done so here - but were clearly on the racist cry baby's side from the beginning.

Agree, DU is not for 'non-partisan discussion', it is

for liberals and Democrats, and Rittenhouse is an abhorrent figure (from a moral and political view) to liberals, who can clearly see the favoritism he received from the judge, and that if the situation were reverse (if a BLM activist had shot him in self defense) they surely would not have been treated with such kid gloves. The cops viewed him as 'on their side' from the beginning, and he felt entitled to threaten and then kill those he viewed as political enemies. He's a terrorist pure and simple.

Agree completely, the victims should've offed him in self defense,

however I doubt the judge/jury would've viewed them favorably, being perceived (whether they were or not is inconsequential) as supporters of BLM.

Agree about Shittenhouse's thought process. He went down there to 'do battle with the left/antifa/BLM' and was an aggressor in the entire situation. The police/authorities were on his side from the beginning, as they are generally on the side of RW militia types, which Rittenhouse clearly is.

Recall that there was a similar situation in Portland, involving antifa activist Michael Reinoehl - who claimed he shot a far-right protester in self defense. Reinoehl then went on the run and was later gunned down in cold blood (IMO, based on what I've seen) by US Marshalls, who never gave him a chance to surrender and have due process. Law Enforcement in this country is fundamentally right wing and racist, and until we reform them, as well as the entire criminal justice system, there really will be no justice in America, as the forces of oppression will always resist reform.

Brooks appears to be a troubled individual who

society failed to help or reform in any meaningful way. Whites with troubles often are shown empathy, whereas blacks/browns generally are not. Once a person gets caught up in the system they become ostracized (by employers, society, etc) and sink deeper into a life of crime.

When it comes to whites our system works overtime to protect them from the consequences of their actions. Look at how the terrorist Rittenhouse was treated with kid gloves. Look at the short sentences many of the insurrectionists are getting (if they get any time at all).

Yet when blacks and browns commit crimes, even minor ones, they are thrown into the meatgrinder of the system, with little concern for their wellbeing or humanity. "Personal accountability" is then what whites will say in response, a standard they themselves are not held to.

Her main point isn't wrong though,

that policing (and the criminal justice system as a whole) exists as a force to protect whites from non-whites. It's why Rittenhouse can kill people and walk away a free man, because he was 'doing his job' (protecting the white structure from the BLM movement) in the eyes of the white judge and jury.

Rittenhouse was aquitted because he was a hero

to many whites who resent BLM, and who think a 'nice white kid' like Rittenhouse should not go to jail.

The narrative re Rittenhouse was correct,

however a white judge/jury aquitted a terrorist and murderer, that is the America we live in.

This black kid, who was harassed by racists and who acted in self defense, will most certainly not get the same 'benefit of the doubt' that Shittenhouse did.

White myopia is a problem not just on the right but amongst whites in general.

Stern has always been on our side,

and has a knack for conveying points like this in a way that the 'average Joe' (or Jane) can understand.

The pushback from some liberals against people like Stern/Hefner/Flynt type of guys - has always baffled me - as you need people like this to fight for you in that element of 'raunch' culture that alot of people follow and are influenced by, where the RW tends to dominate.

Stern over the years has shredded RW asshats like Imus, Rogan etc - that no other 'respectable' liberal would get in the mud with.

From what I saw it looked like he was trying to avoid

many people that he easily could have hit, there is no proof he intentionally killed anyone. He could've been scared or angry (ie, road rage) and was simply driving fast and wanted to get through the street.

The 'rap sheet' he had, charges like 'loitering', 'disorderly conduct', 'marijuana possession' etc - seem like alot of petty charges that white people would never be charged with, that perhaps sent him on a downward spiral in society.

Whatever the case - hopefully he gets the same due process and 'benefit of the doubt' that Rittenhouse did... likely being black/poor he won't.
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