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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 5,671

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How many "shithole countries" have known criminals and traitors as President?

Wonder how many potential hotel deals and sites drumph scoped out in Vietnam.

trump to receive Hero of The Soviet Union medal, backdated to Soviet times

but no Nobel Prize nomination.

Would this headline really surprise anyone if it happened?

Republicans want to ban miscarriages.

The only good news: The USA cannot go any lower in world estimation.

Time for every Govt. agency to ignore any drumph orders.

All those below his stooge appointments that is.

If every anti-drumph employee simply ignored his orders his power would vanish.

Just go ultra slow or totally ignore him whenever possible.

There are enough of us to make it work.

What could they do? Fire so many?

Who would be available to do that?

Heavy duty AC fuse difficult to remove

Our AC has a huge looking fuse up in the attic for the air handler device. Seems bigger than the fuse outside on the compressor.

I could not remove it by pulling - its also in a slightly awkward position so is hard to grab with leverage.

I'm reluctant to put too much pressure by pulling but wonder if this is normally required or is there some tool for this.

There is a smaller looking fuse outside the house for the compressor and that comes out easily.

The company that installed the system has not called back and we need to get some heat going here.

There might be a small 5 amp fuse inside the air handler and I will try to see if that has blown.

I read that if I replace that and it blows again then it may be the transformer that is faulty.

So when did conspiracy become devalued as "collusion"? Call it what it is.

Apple TV device screen goes black every few seconds then comes back.

Have changed HDMi cables, Restored software, checked all other cables such as network, still happens.

Conspiracy, Kompromat, coup, cover up, crisis.


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