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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,103

Journal Archives

The Second Bi-Annual Anti-Awards

Who will ultimately be crowned this year’s Anti-King or Anti-Queen?


Tony Tinderholt Hires White Christian Nationalist As Legislative Director

While Jake Neidert is the least famous of his twin set, his hateful and violent ideology is no less alarming. How will this effect
State Representative Tony Tinderholt's bid for House Speaker?


What Can We Expect From The Gilead Wives Club In The 88th Legislature?

The club has grown. A possible fight for leadership and the stripping away of constitutional rights are just a few things we can expect from the Gilead Wives Club this session.


Jared Patterson Aims To Completely Ban Trans People From Public Life

Patterson’s bill redefines “drag” and prohibits transgender people from all theater performances, musical acts, and any form of public speaking.


Stupid Or Evil? New Rep Ellen Troxclair Attacks Anti-Poverty Program

Stupid of evil? New Rep Ellen Troxclair introduces a bill based on Red Scare propaganda, going against all empirical data.


Meet The Newly Elected Republican Freshman Headed For The Texas House

With the 88th Legislative session only two months away, let’s meet the new reps that will soon be working to take away your rights.


12 Million Texans Didn't Vote

Texas is facing a dark and grim future. But as bleak as things look right now, we can't give up. We have to do better.


A Tale Of Two Election Turnout Numbers - Ryan Data vs TargetSmart

A Tale Of Two Election Turnout Numbers – Ryan Data vs TargetSmart


🚨Get To The Polls!🚨 Early Voting Data, What We Know, Who To Believe

Don't listen to the media or talking heads. Democrats can still flip this state, even while turnout appears to be down. GO VOTE!

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