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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,228

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Someone gave me a heart!

Thanks so much!!

What is being investigated and who is testifying?

I know that Cohen and Wilbur Ross are due to testify at the Oversight Committee soon, but I haven't heard anything else about anyone else relating to Trump being called to testify OR which house committees have already began which investigations. Does anyone know?

Why haven't people taken to the streets?

Seriously. Impeachment proceedings haven't even started yet? We have a traitor in the White House who is destroying our country. We should all be on the streets protesting, right now. Why aren't we?

George and Kellyanne Conway

Can someone please their relationship? Are they divorced? Separated? The media keeps referring to George as Kellyanne's husband, but they are having very public and stark differences of opinions. Does anyone else find it perplexing?

MAGABomber, average Trumpster?

So, the MAGABomber's Twitter is still up @hardrock16; and I've looked at his posts. I can't tell the difference between his content and tone and any other Trumpster's content and tone. Can y'all tell the difference?

Cashiers angrily told me "Merry Christmas" in a smug and self righteous way

I live in the bible belt, Texas, and in fact I live in a county that has been dubbed, Big Red. They call it Big Red because it is the most conservative large urban county in America. Throughout my whole life, I have had plenty of cashiers or people in stores say to me, "Merry Christmas," cheerfully with a smile and a wave as I finished my business with them and walked away. It never bothered me. I would usually smile and wave back and go on about my business.

However, last year it was different.

Last year, there were multiple cashiers, as I was checking out with them and nearing the end of our business transaction, they would look me dead in the eyes, and without a smile, sternly tell me, "and you have a merry Christmas." It was weird. Like the look in their eyes was not happy not a true warm wish of seasons greeting, it was like they gained some type of power now that Trump told them it was ok to say "Merry Christmas" again. And for the first time in my liberal life I was actually angry that they said it, more so that they said it like that, because I felt like it came from a place of hate. They were smug and angry all in one.

One cashier, was doing that to everyone in her line, there was about 5 or 6 people. Except there was a man in front of me that was of middle eastern dissent. When he got to her, she didn't say it to him. She told everyone in the line "Merry Christmas," except for him. I remember feeling furious about it. So when it was my turn, and she said it to me, I told her to stick it up her ass.

Anyway, this was just my observation from last year. Ironically, also, it was only cashiers at stores, like the grocery store or department store, that were doing this. Has anyone else noticed this, as well?

Today is my birthday!

The Universe just gave me a great gift. Flippin Flynn Friday is the best thing that's happened in a while!

Who remembers, from earlier this year, when the Trump admin removed terrorist lables from KKK/Nazis?

To commemorate Black History Month, Trump administration decrees that white supremacists canít be terrorists.


I do. That's why none of this surprises me. Angers me, but doesn't surprise me.

Ew. Scaramucchi...

Douche-nozzle alert.


White House com director illegally advertises his own product within first few seconds in office

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