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Dave in VA

Dave in VA's Journal
Dave in VA's Journal
June 30, 2022

This is what we are facing now

Just received this email and thought I should share it with the group. Hope it is OK to post this and I am not breaking any rules here, but I think this needs to go viral.


Hey, folks, this is Kellen Squire, ER Nurse and I’m running for the 55th House of Delegates here in central Virginia. I try not to bug you via email- but recently, we had several days of news coverage about one of Governor Youngkin's appointees, who found private pictures of my children and family, posted them online, and mocked and insulted them publicly. He called my LGBTQ+ teen something I refuse to reprint here. My five-year-old? "Hideous".

My five-year-old.

And when a reporter from the Richmond Times-Dispatch asked him if he was sorry he'd done that, he said, no, absolutely not; and that if I didn't want my kids attacked, I "should have made better life choices."

And in case you wondered about how Governor Youngkin would respond to that, his spokesperson backed him up, telling the Washington Post that they asked him to "be more polite" from now on.

I knew we were in for a tough race- this is liable to be the battleground race of the cycle, as it's the bluest seat the Virginia GOP holds and is set to defend- but I had no idea it would get this nasty, this fast. Not only that, the ruling from SCOTUS hit us like a brick wall... we knew it was coming, but still, it was a punch in the gut.

As the only candidate elected to – or running for – the Virginia state legislature that is an abortion provider, I wrote about the consequences that are now unavoidably coming just yesterday. I will warn you, though, that it is an awful challenging read, and not for the faint of heart.

Times are tough, but my commitment to serve the 55th District and ALL Virginians is stronger than ever.

We have a reporting deadline this Thursday, June 30th. I am $5,000 short of my fundraising goal- literally, as I write this email, exactly $5,000.45, and only 57 donors short of having 1/3rd of the total donations I had in all of 2017.

We are already proving to the world this grassroots campaign is ready and willing to take on all comers - I need you to chip in today to help us get the rest of the way there. Whether you can chip in $5 or $55, I need your help.

Thank you, all of you- more than I can tell you.

Kellen Squire, RN

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