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Member since: Sun May 1, 2016, 11:18 PM
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PETA consistently targets black Americans

For many years, the animal rights organization has targeted and attacked black Americans with the most vicious and dehumanizing language they can use. Aretha Franklin was a gigantic target of their hate. Many other black people have been targeted by the group.

And now they want to run a commercial comparing black people to animals and suggesting that speciesism is more important than racism.

A lot of people don't know that the group has strong loyalty to the white race. I detest that organization.


Funny Yang video from the New Yorker

I haven't seen anyone post this, and I apologize if it's a duplicate. But he has been growing on me, and this is a hilarious video.


Tulsi Gabbard and mental stability

She believes that Hillary Clinton is taking her life. Taking her life.

That is delusional. That is an insane, almost psychotic belief.

I try to look for the good in her, but her claim that her life is being taken from her makes me wonder.

Monmouth favorability: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Yang

I've been impressed by how Yang has been able to draw attention and support. I don't think that this is his cycle, but he might really be a valuable contribution to our national politics someday. Democrats are warming up to him tremendously.

The favorability is discussed about halfway down this:

Unfollowing a lot of Sanders supporters on Twitter

They appear to be preparing for a Lost Cause narrative, and the rage is real.

Intellectually bankrupt!

I love the Democratic party because it contains many people, many opinions, and many points of view.

I guess that looks like intellectual bankruptcy to some.

I have in the past contemplated how the general public votes

And I am guilty of wondering in the past if people of color, sexual minorities, and women might face a tougher battle in a general election. A lot of my worries about gender have been put to rest, as studies have indicated that women and men do not have differential success in elections. White voters tend to respond to dog whistle politics, however.

This whole dust-up between Warren and Sanders bugs me because on the one hand he is being accused of saying something along the lines of my own thinking in the past. But also because it's taken on such a hateful tone. Twitter in particular has some extremely hateful attacks on Warren by Sanders supporters and on Sanders by Warren supporters. It's like everyone believes he was accused of murder, or some horrific wrongdoing. The accusations and the defenses are histrionic.

The pessimistic part of my mind, however, thinks that we were all deluding ourselves if we thought that Democrats would act like angels during a primary. When you run a campaign, you have thousands of people working under you and all of them are fired up for your victory and for the loss of the other candidates. In that atmosphere, some pretty mean and terrible attacks tend to get floated by campaign workers.

In an ideal world, politicians would be saints with full knowledge of everything that their campaign is doing, and they would always interdict any problematic campaign strategy. In the real world, we got people.

Nutjob Krystal Ball excoriates Warren



For what it's worth.

Goodbye Marianne Williamson

I was never a supporter of her White House bid, but I used to like her a lot more.

Much of what she said during the campaign was bothersome to me. I actually got mad at her when she tweeted that non-citizens should not be allowed to buy land in the United States. That was shocking. I really don't like blood and soil arguments, no matter who makes them.
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