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deepestblue's Journal
deepestblue's Journal
April 9, 2016

Turn it up! Bernie Sanders "Bern It Up" Remix

By DJ Steve Porter
March 29, 2016

How Many Elected Democrats

will be in for very real primary challenges in the coming election cycles, whether or not Bernie becomes President (which he will).

I feel like a lot of them are living in a slow motion reality where they are not realizing the facts on the ground.

Things shifted so fast, and most of them probably felt like they could play it safe and support the status quo, and skate right on by while continuing to dine at the good old gravy train.

The secret is out on full display and now it is not possible to put it back in to the bottle, nor will it ever be.

Corporatists are on notice, the people of this great country are watching and paying attention, and this is going to be VERY interesting.

President Sanders 2016!

March 29, 2016

FDR, Reagan ...Bernie.

FDR was a loud and proud Democratic Socialist. Every single president after him until Reagan was influenced by him and essentially carried on his legacy.

Reagan was a loud and proud Conservative Republican. Every single president after him (until Sanders?) was influenced by him and essentially carried on his legacy.

Like FDR, Bernie is a loud and proud Democratic Socialist.

We are poised for a major shift back to the polices that saw wages keep pace with productivity. Under the false "trickle down" era (sold by corporates to an unbeknownst populace from 1980 to 2016), productivity has skyrocketed and wages have stagnated.

Bernie Sanders is poised to be one of the three central presidential figures in the 85-year timespan since the election of FDR, with all other presidents as sideline figures in comparison.

As we all know, Bernie is a true liberal.

And unlike perhaps any President in history, Bernie is literally beholden to NO ONE BUT THE ACTUAL PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY.

Viva President Sanders!!!!!

March 26, 2016

The Day After Bernie Pulled Ahead of Hillary, This Happened...

Video of Trump vs. #FeelTheBird

From the video:

"The day Donald Trump won 4 states in the primaries, lightning struck Trump Tower in Chicago.

The day after the Bloomberg National poll announced Bernie Sanders pulled ahead of Hillary, this happened..."

March 20, 2016

This Democratic Nomination Fight is Simple

Me vs. We

Deeply Embedded Corruption vs. Honesty

War vs. Peace

20th Century Campaign Smear Tactics vs. Looking Forward to a Bright Future

Lies vs. Truth

Looking Out for Corporates vs. Looking Out for Everyone

Facade vs. Real

Saying whatever I have to say to get elected vs. Literally Caring for EVERY LAST 320 MILLION OF US including Native Americans, The Disabled, The White, The Wretched, The Black, The Brown, The Gay, The Poor, The Transgendered, The Straight, and Everyone Else

The 1% vs. The 100%

Further Financial Deregulation vs. A 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act

Bernie Sanders is poised to usher in an era where people care for people. Do what you can to support this noble man.

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