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Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 AM
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I Won't Get Over It But Maybe YOU Should!

I am tired of being told to suck it up and get over it. First of all, this is not about politics, it is about morals - something the other side seems to be woefully short on.

I think you should draw back and you should get over it. Mighty touchy, aren't we? You cannot accept that a woman, Clinton no less, could get more votes than your orange Russian demagogue.

Me thinks though doth protest, and put us down, too much. Maybe it is because you know deep in your dark puss filled feckless heart that you really are not legitimate. You did not get more votes than us. Maybe you picked up that insecurity from your illegitimate leader. We know you are overcompensating because you know who the legitimate winner was. That is why you feel you must continue to try and shut us up.

But you know what? Now it is time for you to get over it and suck it up. We have more numbers than you and this, after all, is a democracy. No matter who won, we are supposed to be represented by the numbers. Haven't I heard you shouting about the silent majority for years? Well you can clearly see by the vote tallies, we are the majority who are voted and WE are the ones who need to have our voices heard.

We are the majority and we will not be silenced by the minority. By the way, get used to being referred to as the minority. You say the official electoral college says you won and that is all that counts. No, the other numbers say we were the majority of voters. We GOTV and we won the numbers. From now on you will be labeled the minority.

You will be told that you need to shut up because we want affordable health care for all and we are the majority and our voice will be heard.

You will be told that registering Muslims is unconstitutional and to suck it up because we are the majority and our voice will be heard.

You will be told that Planned Parenthood, according to law, has never spent federal funds on abortions and that women need access to the services they offer. Get over it, we are the majority and our voice will be heard.

You will be told that clean air and water matter to the majority of us. We are the majority and you will hear us.

You will be told that it is not okay to grab a woman by the pussy. We will be heard because we are the majority so listen to us.

We will declare that it is not ok to make fun of disabled people. We are the majority and we will shout this loudly.

We demand that taxes should be shown to investigate any conflicts of interests and possible collaboration with enemy entities. We are the majority, hear us roar and suck it up!

We will speak out in defense of a media that did nothing but normalize a monster of a human being. We will scream about the forth estate and how important it is to our government and how we will not be silenced in trying to get that part of our government back. We are the majority and we have more of a voice than you do.

We will speak out against a useless wall to keep out people who are currently at a negative rate of coming over the border. We will speak out against his lies that Mexico will pay for it when he turned around and now has stated that we will pay and they will later. When we say it is bull and it is more bills we are saddled with, our voices will ring loud and clear because we are the majority.

Make no mistake, we know our power. We have the numbers and refuse to give up our democracy without a hard fought battle. We are the majority and we are not silent. You are the minority and we will fight for you to have better lives but how dare you tell us to suck it up? Can't handle a few protests and the light shining on your president? I will not shed any tears at night because protests and dissent are what make a democracy stronger. It makes us better.

We are the majority. You suck it up and get over it because we will be heard.

Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Sat Jan 21, 2017, 04:29 PM (8 replies)

A Song Just For Trump......

F@ck You.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Mon Jan 2, 2017, 03:32 PM (1 replies)

I'd like to take a moment to remember ANDY!

He worked so hard for voter reform and is missed by many people. I know he would have worked even harder on this election. Andy, you are missed.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Tue Nov 8, 2016, 03:04 PM (4 replies)

GOTV Make Phone Bank Calls, For HRC, From Your Home

Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Mon Nov 7, 2016, 02:51 PM (0 replies)

The Clinton Scandals and Vetting.

I ran into an undecided at the gym today. She asked if I had voted and said she had no idea who to vote for with all the information going on out there. I first tackled the Clinton side of things. I explained that she and her husband had been investigated over and over and a lot of the time it was for the same subject such as Benghazi. I know that congressional hearings are not a court of law but I explained that at least there you only have to go through a trial once and it is not like congress digs up new information and takes her back to square one. No, they just try her over and over hoping for a different result.

I explained the scandals are not on Hillary's side. In order for them to be so, something would have to be found and there is nothing there. The real scandals, with the Clintons, are the Republicans who go after them time and again finding nothing and wasting the tax payer's money.

I explained that if the Republicans can do this many years of inquiry into the Clinton's lives then that should make her feel good. Hillary has been vetted more than any other president in the history of our country. They have looked under rocks and in caves but have found nothing. This should give a voter a lot of confidence that they are getting a clean candidate who can lead our country well.

I transitioned to Trump. I explained how concerned citizens should be about Trump's Russian connections. That the FBI is now looking into one of Trump's closest companions, Paul Manafort, because of Paul's ties with Russia. I brought up how Trump had spoken so highly about Russia and Putin. I said perhaps Manafort and Trump praising Russia could be a coincidence but how, if you Google, you will find one of Trump's sons stating how Russia has poured a lot of money into Trump. I told her how Trump could dispel a lot of this if he would release his tax returns but that he refuses and so we must believe that Trump is under the influence of a country we have not gotten along with for a long time. The future of our country could be in Russian hands if we are not careful.

After I was done with my thoughts she added in that he speaks about women terribly and makes fun of those with handicaps. (she does not have use of her left arm) She said nothing negative about Hillary at all. I think we may have another decided voter!

The Republicans have done a good job if we let everyone know that she is totally vetted and the only scandals she is attached to is the fact that the Republicans cannot stand to find nothing and so they keep taking an eighth, ninth, and even tenth bite at the apple wasting time, money, and resources.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Tue Nov 1, 2016, 11:31 AM (0 replies)

Mad And Need To Vent - This is Part of the Reason Women Don't Come Forward

A while ago I outed a predator on social media. When I did, a bunch (maybe forty or more) came forward to say he did the same thing to them that he did to my friend. A pattern emerged that he had been doing this for decades. I told people to see who his friends were and if they were female to please warn them. He dumped every friend he had after I posted that. He has been adding friends back in and every female he adds I send them a message linking to my writing as well as the testimonials of women he has assaulted. There have been some words of thanks and some people unfriended him. Today someone wrote to me saying everything was false, I should be sued and she would gladly fund the guy to sue me for defaming him!

This is a guy, who I have on hard copy, admitting he assaulted a woman. There were tons of females that came forward echoing he had not respected them. One place he used to vacation banned him because of complaints of him assaulting women.

What does it take for some people? If this woman had met me I would have gladly shown her all the evidence of him admitting what he did and saying it was not so bad and he was just having fun.

This is why women do not come forward. They are not believed. They are put on trial. They are threatened. Their past is taken apart and they are left victimized a second time. Some do not want any part of that and this is why I never went to the police about my rape.

We can never move forward as a society if we do not address this and somehow change it. We have to stand up and say this is not good enough.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Fri Oct 28, 2016, 08:22 AM (11 replies)

Pssst! Want a Free "Nasty Women Vote" sticker?

You can extras ($) for friends or just one for yourself. There is an option to donate.

Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Sat Oct 22, 2016, 08:51 AM (1 replies)

It Is Not A Conspiracy If It Is True (Trump/Russia)

I hate to put forth anything fantastical but this has been rattling around in my brain for quite some time and with Trump and the Wiki Leaks fiasco, I have to come out and say it - did the Russians get Trump to run? He owes them a lot of money and we do not know how much he actually has in the bank or he takes in since he will not release his tax forms. Could it be that he owed the Russians so much money that they actually instructed him to run?

Maybe Trump was behind on payments. We all know about his pattern of bankruptcies. Maybe he finally borrowed money from the wrong person. What if he did not decide to run on his own but, instead, was told that this was now his path since he could not pay back the money? What if a foreign entity now owns what could be our future president?

If this could even remotely have any truth to it, it is something very serious. We all have to get out and vote to make sure our country is safe.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Tue Oct 11, 2016, 11:45 AM (9 replies)

Keith Scott... One Thing I Have Not Heard Emphasized.....

Is that he had a brain injury. Did you notice how the wife screams to the cops that he has a brain injury and then states he just took his meds and that he is no threat to the cops.

This information should figure prominently into the news and, yet, I have heard it only once. The cops attack a man who is not able to think properly, isn't this important? It is to me. Why is no one covering this? I know, I know, it is easier to sweep an illegal kill under the rug when it is a 'big scary black man' involved and not someone who is disabled and unable to thoroughly think or defend himself.
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Sun Sep 25, 2016, 08:44 AM (9 replies)

Um, Did Donald's Representative Admit He Committed Tax Evasion?

Last night I was watching MSNBC and they were talking about Trump and how he get paid money for a lot of things such as speeches, etc.... and he tells the organization to pay it to his foundation instead of himself. The representative (I just had a back procedure done and was on pain meds so I cannot remember who the representative was or even the show. Sorry!) said that since it was like his money, anyway, he just took it from the foundation to use it.

Well, it was not his money, it was the foundation's money. And using it in bribes was already illegal. But let's look at what Trump was really doing. Trump would have had to pay taxes on the money if it were to go straight into his bank account. By having the money deposited into the foundation, no taxes would be paid on it at all. Then Trump withdraws it and uses it while cheating the government, and our citizens, out of the money we should have gotten.

Their rationalization of what Trump did is that it is ok because it was only tax evasion? Shouldn't the IRS be taking a really close look at this?
Posted by usedtobedemgurl | Thu Sep 22, 2016, 12:17 PM (25 replies)
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