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Jackie Wilson Said

Jackie Wilson Said's Journal
Jackie Wilson Said's Journal
April 5, 2016

Bernie or Bust mostly younger people you think?

Why else would they threaten to stay home? It only makes sense if they are new to this and dont fully comprehend the consequences. And this is not a knock on them, but a wake up call for the rest of us, we got work to do!

If you claim you are a liberal and you say you are Bernie or Bust, what you are saying is you will only proactively vote if you get 100% of what you want, something that NEVER happens EVER in politics.

No rational person or real liberal will debate the fact that there are huge differences, mostly on social issues, between Hillary and the other party, therefore what you are saying is it doesn't matter, either you get ALL of what you want (has never happened in politics, never will) or you walk.

This is why I think so many Bernie supporters, the true Bernie supporters, not the ones who only care about attacking Hillary, are for the most part new at this.

I would be curious to see what age demographics the Bernie or Bust group is broken out.

If you know a younger person who is Bernie or Bust, explain to them how this works, please.

Dont waste your time accusing me of bashing young people, not doing that and if anything I am giving them credit for being engaged, and now they need to know the rest of the story.

If you are an older Bernie or Bust person who fully realizes the consequences, then nothing I say will matter, so I guess I am not talking to you.

March 31, 2016

Anti-Choice Activists, Using Bogus Legal Threats, Trick Teens Into Signing Away Abortion Rights


Providers throughout the country have told Rewire that a document produced by Life Dynamics has been used to deceive and intimidate both patients and providers by threatening them with legal action should they go through with obtaining or providing an abortion.

Disgusting assholes.
March 24, 2016

If you simply "cant" vote for Clinton, you simply ARE helping the worst

human beings on the earth take over and do real bad damage to everything not just in this country but likely just EVERYTHING.


Dont argue with me, admit this is correct and that you are willing to allow that harm to come to pass because YOU didnt get what YOU wanted.

Just admit it.

March 22, 2016

NC House speaker weighs special session on Charlotte LGBT ordinance

That's right, North Carolina lawmakers are going to waste about $42,000 a day of taxpayer dollars – that's more than the average North Carolina teacher's starting salary – trying to strip local control from the City of Charlotte and its residents. Worse yet, they're going to these extraordinary lengths to advance discrimination and put North Carolina on the wrong side of history.

Above is from HRC, I am mad at them right now over supporting Kirk, but time to pay attention again for all of us.


N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore said Thursday he’s exploring a possible special legislative session to deal with a controversial provision of Charlotte’s expanded nondiscrimination ordinance.

Moore and others object to the so-called bathroom provision that would allow transgender people to use the restroom of their choice, depending on the gender with which they identify.

In an email to GOP lawmakers, he said, “the recent radical actions of the Charlotte City Council … pose a real danger to public safety concerning the sexual identity and bathroom matters … If we do not act, the Charlotte ordinance will go into effect on April 1.”

March 22, 2016

After yesterday's intentional attempt to misrepresent Bill Clinton's remarks about Obama WH

I think it is time we get some admissions from people.

Many people here dislike President Obama and believe, in spite of overwhelming factual evidence to the contrary in that he is and has been a remarkably successful president, he has been a failure.

Here is what is interesting about the statistics of this that i can gather, almost none of these people so critical of Obama support Hillary.

But worse is most of them wont come right out and say it, you know this by how few respond to anytime he does something great and historical, like KOOBAH as it is pronounced. Cuba.

I am proud of our President, most of the human family is proud of him.

March 20, 2016

Anti-semitic, homophobic vandalism found in Marcy House


Sam Rubinstein ’17 and Lainie Rowland ’17, a Herald opinions editor, entered their hallway in Marcy House close to 1 a.m. Friday to find anti-Semitic and homophobic messages scrawled on the walls. Upon seeing the graffiti, Rowland contacted the leaders of Beta Rho Pi, a Jewish fraternity housed in Marcy, and Rubinstein contacted Department of Public Safety officials and staff members of Brown/RISD Hillel.

The vandalism in Marcy read “Gay will die” and “Holocaust 2.0” in black marker.

Ahh, America so lovely.
March 18, 2016

President John Kasich...


Who Kasich really listens to is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). More than three decades ago, this corporate front masquerading as an advocate for “limited government” and “free markets” began plotting to make the 1 percent richer and steal the wealth of our nation’s working class.

“How Ohio Became One of the Worst States for Reproductive Rights in the Country.”

Read the article, anybody thinking about going bowling on election day instead of voting?
March 17, 2016

This comment by Hillary about reproductive rights is very troubling:

Hillary Clinton: I Could Compromise on Abortion If It Included Exceptions For Mother's Health


As it will soon be time to "get behind" our nominee, and since it is likely to be Hillary, and since we all agree that even with comments like this she is still far, far better of a choice than the alternatives; I say it is time to make sure she hears US when we say:

NO, Hillary...There is nothing to compromise about when it comes to a woman's right to her own body, NOTHING!

Now, this compromise plays out in SC decisions which means she would be open to a SC justice who would alter Roe.

So instead of whining about not having our candidate, Bernie, as the nominee, if he isnt at the end of the day how about we get behind Hillary and at the same time make her HEAR us about this issue and others.

Unless of course you want a Republican instead who will allow a SC decision reversing Roe entirely? Among other things.
March 16, 2016

More Than 500,000 Adults Will Lose SNAP Benefits in 2016 as Waivers Expire


It will be over one million, per the person I listened to.

Guess who introduced the monstrosity known as

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996


Introduced in the House as H.R. 3734 by John Kasich (R-OH) on June 27, 1996

Moderate? Nope.

I know who signed it, and at the end of the day, Americans will starve and I dont think the GOP cares.

Just the name of that bill should make you very angry if you are a patriotic American. Men representing the richest people in the world going out of their way to judge poor people and ultimately starve them.

And I didn't bring this up to trash Hillary, for Christ sake. Yes, I wanna know where she stands on this, but that isn't why I brought it up. I know where the GOP stands, and I can guess Bernie is against cutting these people off.

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