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Nanjeanne's Journal
Nanjeanne's Journal
February 15, 2024

Israeli Government to Reward New Immigrants Who Settle in Country's North, South and West Bank

Against a backdrop of growing interest in immigration to Israel from Jewish people in France, Britain, America and Canada, Israel plans to give financial aid to new 'olim' in a bid to increase immigration from Western countries

. . .

The plan will cost a total of 70 million shekels (a little over $19 billion), and will provide 2,000 shekels (around $550) a month for two years for every immigrant who chooses to live in the geographic periphery or beyond the Green Line. Immigrants who rent apartments in the center of the country or in the Haifa area will receive assistance of several hundred shekels each month for two years.

Sofer and Smotrich also announced a second program , which would introduce "absorption centers in the community," in which groups of immigrants will reside in newly built, currently empty apartments in Israel in their first few years in the country.
According to the director-general of the Aliyah and Integration Ministry, Avichai Kahana, 80 million shekels (roughly $22 million) will be budgeted for this plan over the next two years.

I have to ask -- if Israel has $41 billion to spend on Settler programs - isn't it time to say they don't need US taxpayer money????

Read full article here: [link:https://archive.is/fP5Dn#selection-1065.0-1073.186|]
Subscriber link: [link:https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2024-02-15/ty-article/.premium/israeli-govt-to-reward-new-immigrants-who-settle-in-countrys-periphery-and-west-bank/0000018d-ac36-da6e-af9f-ac3fffb70000|]

* Note Haaretz has either made a mistake in amount of shekels or amount of US dollars. So it’s either 41 billion or 41 million. Haaretz will have to correct. For me - if they have this much to spend on spreading settlements, they do t need my money.
February 15, 2024

Netanyahu's office rejects calls for two-state solution, saying it's 'not the time' to speak about 'gifts'

From Haaretz daily updates

"Now is not the time to be speaking about gifts for the Palestinian people," Avi Hyman, a spokesperson in the Prime Minister's Office, told CNN during a press briefing, in reference to talk of a Palestinian state.

CNN had asked Hyman about a report by The Washington Post that the Biden Administration and "a small group of Middle East partners" are working to formulate a comprehensive peace plan, which "could be announced as early as the next several weeks."

Hyman responded, "Here is Israel, we're still in the aftermath of the October 7th massacre."
"Now is the time for victory – total victory against Hamas. And we will continue on the path to victory. All discussions about the day after Hamas will be had the day after Hamas," said Hyman.

My heart bleeds for my Israeli family and friends, for the Palestinians suffering, for the hostages and their families, for the Gazans facing a horrific crisis. With this kind of talk I see no ending of this war, no peace for anyone and no return of hostages. I’ve never felt so bleak.
February 13, 2024

Robert Reich: Children in Gaza: Why aren't we stopping the deaths?


Read full piece above.

Late last night, Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen gave a remarkable speech on the Senate floor, condemning the government of Benjamin Netanyahu for deliberately blocking aid to civilians in Gaza. Van Hollen said:

“Kids in Gaza are now dying from the deliberate withholding of food. In addition to the horror of that news, one other thing is true: That is a war crime. It is a textbook war crime. And that makes those who orchestrate it war criminals. … Every one of them [officials at humanitarian relief organizations] has stated that their organizations have never experienced a humanitarian disaster as dire and terrible as the world is witnessing in Gaza.”

Let’s be clear. To take a clear moral stand against Netanyahu is not to be pro-Hamas or anti-Israeli or anti-Zionist or antisemitic.

It’s to be pro-human rights.


Tens of thousands have been killed, including thousands of children. Many more are starving. American tax payers’ money is partly responsible. Where is the moral clarity? Where is the moral authority? Why aren’t we doing everything possible to stop the deaths?

Why indeed.
February 12, 2024

Opinion My Mother, Vivian Silver, Is Gone. Who Carries Her Flag?

Vivian’s son, Yonatan Zeigen is a social worker who after October 7 decided to devote himself to being a peace activist.

Ever since her voice fell silent, I am overwhelmed by pain. Standing before a mirror that measures 365 square kilometers, if you don't include the West Bank. As an individual, what is reflected back to me is pain and hopelessness. As a people, what is reflected to us are big ideas and empty phrases: "national goal," "they only understand force," "they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity," "there's no one to talk to." It all comes back to us and repeats in an endless loop.

The Zionist project is an impressive enterprise that was intended to provide an answer to the genuinely existential Jewish question. At the same time, its aim has always been to turn an area inhabited by one ethnic group into the nation-state of another ethnic group.


People say that if Hamas would just lay down its weapons, the current war would end. That may be true, but what would the Palestinian Authority say, which put down it weapons long ago and has been left with occupation? If we want to prevent soldiers from falling in battle, to ensure that the communities near the borders rebuild and prosper, to ensure that Israelis in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv stop experiencing terror attacks, and that all the hostages return, the Palestinians need to have a horizon. They need to at least receive a signal that when they do lay down their arms, the blockade will end, and the checkpoints and bombardments will be replaced by dialogue.

Yitzhak Rabin was thought of by Palestinians as the "breaker of bones" and Yasser Arafat was known as the "arch-terrorist," and they were able to recognize each other's existence on the national level. This happened because they underwent a conceptual change. Menachem Begin told Anwar Sadat that "war is avoidable, peace is unavoidable." Where have all the good men (and women) gone, the leaders who will finally save us from the agonies of war?

Read his powerful words here. [link:https://archive.is/MdaM6|]


February 12, 2024

Israeli Forces Rescue Two Hostages From Hamas Captivity in Gaza

Israeli security forces have rescued two hostages who were held captive by Hamas in Gaza overnight Sunday, a joint statement by the IDF, Shin Bet and Israel Police said.

The two, Louis Norberto Har, 70, and Fernando Marman, 60, were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on October 7 and were held in an apartment in Rafah. They are in good condition and have been taken for medical evaluation at Sheba Medical Center in central Israel.

Free Haaretz link [link:https://archive.is/4yg86|]

Good news for these men and their families. I saw a clip this morning on Democracy Now of a relative of one of the men begging Israel to make a deal for the hostages, saying the families need to breathe. To make the deal now.

February 10, 2024

Hind Rajab, Gaza 6-Year-Old Who Spoke Of Fear On Phone To Rescuers, Found Dead

I have been following this since the first time I heard that horrific call and her poor cries. I knew it wouldn't have a good ending but, for some reason, knowing now -- it's even harder.

"I'm so scared. Please come," the young girl said while under fire.

Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old child in Gaza who pleaded on the phone to be rescued from a mangled car where she was surrounded by her dead relatives, was found dead alongside them nearly two weeks later, according to her family and the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Hind’s body was located in the Tel al-Hawa section of Gaza City on Saturday after Israeli forces retreated from the area. The bombed-out remains of an ambulance dispatched to rescue her were found close by.

Hind had stayed on the phone for around three hours with the Palestine Red Crescent Society on Jan. 29, desperately pleading for help, the agency said.

She was reportedly fleeing the city with her aunt, uncle and cousins when they were caught in gunfire. It was Layan Hamadeh, Hind’s 15-year-old cousin, who initially called the Red Crescent for help until falling silent.

And I'm begging some people here . . . don't come with the "but Hamas" stuff. Can we not all agree - as human beings - that both can be horrific and by posting something about one child doesn't imply anything but complete and utter sadness? *if this gets this post banned - so be it*

HP link: [link:https://www.huffpost.com/entry/hind-rajab-gaza-6-year-old-who-spoke-of-fear-on-phone-to-rescuers-found-dead_n_65c791c6e4b093b2e783d760|]
February 8, 2024

New York Times report: U.S. intelligence officers estimate only a third of Hamas fighters have been killed

From Haaretz Updates - Free Link [link:https://archive.is/W1jKR|]

Senior U.S. military intelligence officers told congress members in recent days that while Israel has degraded Hamas' military capabilities, it is not close to eliminating it, the New York Times reported.

The officers refrained from providing estimates of the number of Hamas fighters killed, but said in private conversations that it looks like only a third of the members of the organization's military wing have been killed, the report said.

The New York Times report also noted that the officers emphasized the lesson that the U.S. had learned from past wars – that there is no wisdom in counting the number of dead among enemy fighters.

28,000 Palestinians - so many of them children - dead. And Netanyahu is trading away hostages lives to continue his commitment to staying in power and nothing else. When will they ever learn … when will they ever learn.
February 8, 2024

Opinion Netanyahu and His Squad of Cease-fire Refuseniks Have Israeli Hostages' Blood on Their Hands

Interesting opinion piece by auri Misgav in Haaretz. One I personally agree with.

A general cease-fire requires a discussion on permanent solutions, addressing Palestinian existence in Gaza and the West Bank, and integrating international initiatives.

At the same time, it would open the door to starting in earnest the investigation into the October 7 debacle and finding those responsible for it. That means the end of Netanyahu's rule. From this, it follows that Israel must not reach a deal and must instead sacrifice the hostages for the sake of Netanyahu's continued rule.


The government's talking points that preceded Hamas' response to the mediators' proposal ("total refusal," "impossible," "Sinwar is running like a mouse from cave to cave and is out of contact&quot turned out Wednesday morning to be bullshit.
Hamas formulated a serious response and submitted a reasonable plan given the horrendous circumstances, certainly as a basis for negotiations.

This is a deal that a sane, responsible government should accept. Netanyahu and his supporters are expected to base the sacrificing of the hostages on the altar of "no partial deal" and "we will not stop the fighting before total victory." The blood of the hostages will forever be on their hands.

Free link [link:https://archive.is/WpXvB|]

Haaretz subscriber link [link:https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/2024-02-08/ty-article-opinion/.premium/netanyahu-and-his-squad-of-cease-fire-refuseniks-have-hostages-blood-on-their-hands/0000018d-8503-d0de-af8d-8d33ff230000|]

February 7, 2024

Hamas Proposes 135-day Cease-fire, Israeli Withdrawal From Gaza, Talks to End War

From Haaretz -

According to the three-phased cease-fire draft, hostages would be exchanged for 1,500 Palestinian prisoners, the remains of killed hostages would be handed over and Israeli forces would withdraw completely

Hamas has proposed a ceasefire plan that would quiet the guns in Gaza for four-and-a-half months leading to an end to the war, in response to a proposal sent in early February by Qatari and Egyptian mediators and backed by the United States and Israel.

There was no immediate public response from Israel, which has said it will not pull its troops out of Gaza until Hamas is wiped out.

According to a draft document seen by Reuters, the Hamas counterproposal envisages three phases of a truce, lasting 45 days each. Hamas would exchange remaining Israeli hostages they captured on October 7 for Palestinian prisoners. The reconstruction of Gaza would begin, Israeli forces would withdraw completely, and bodies and remains would be exchanged.


For subscribers [link:https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2024-02-07/ty-article/hamas-proposes-135-day-cease-fire-israeli-withdrawal-from-gaza-talks-to-end-war/0000018d-82b3-d6dc-ab9f-cfffb16f0000|]

Read whole article for details.

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