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Duckfan's Journal
Duckfan's Journal
October 5, 2015

This dude is truly more in tune with people.

Its almost like being at an important meeting i.e. a job interview where you don't just shake a few hands of the decision makers, you shake EVERYBODY'S hands!

This crowd has to be saying, "wow. He came outside".

October 5, 2015

I just get a little nervous thinking of what could happen after New Hampshire.

It will truly be a revolution if Bernie wins a majority of the Super Tuesday states.
This is a partial schedule:

FEBRUARY 9, 2016:
New Hampshire - Presidential Primary

FEBRUARY 20, 2016:
South Carolina - Presidential Primary

FEBRUARY 23, 2016:
Nevada - Democratic Presidential Caucuses

MARCH 1, 2016:
Alabama - Presidential & State Primary
Alaska - Republican Presidential Caucuses
Arkansas - Presidential & State Primary
Colorado - Democratic Presidential Caucuses
Massachusetts - Presidential Primary
Minnesota - Presidential Caucuses
North Dakota - Republican Presidential Caucuses
Oklahoma - Presidential Primary
Tennessee - Presidential Primary
Texas - Presidential & State Primary
Vermont - Presidential Primary
Virginia - Presidential Primary
Wyoming - Republican Presidential Caucuses

MARCH 5, 2016:
Kansas - Presidential Caucuses
Louisiana - Primary Election
Maine - Presidential Caucuses
Nebraska - Democratic Presidential Caucuses
Washington - Republican Presidential Caucuses

MARCH 8, 2016:
Hawaii - Republican Presidential Caucuses
Idaho - Republican Presidential Caucuses
Michigan - Presidential Primary
Mississippi - Presidential & State Primary

MARCH 13, 2016:
Puerto Rico - Primary Election

MARCH 14, 2016:
Ohio - Filing Deadline (Independents)

MARCH 15, 2016:
Florida - Presidential Primary
Illinois - Presidential & State Primary
Missouri - Presidential Primary
North Carolina - Presidential Primary
Ohio - Presidential & State Primary

MARCH 22, 2016:
Idaho - Democratic Presidential Caucuses
Arizona - Presidential Primary
Arkansas - Primary Runoff
Utah - Presidential Caucuses

MARCH 26, 2016:
Alaska - Democratic Presidential Caucuses
Hawaii - Democratic Presidential Caucuses
Washington - Democratic Presidential Caucuses

MARCH 29, 2016:
Mississippi - Primary Runoff

APRIL 5, 2016:
Wisconsin - Presidential Primary

APRIL 9, 2016:
Wyoming - Democratic Presidential Caucuses

APRIL 12, 2016:
Alabama - Primary Runoff

APRIL 13-16, 2016:
Constitution Party Presidential Nominating Convention - Salt Lake City, Utah

APRIL 19, 2016:
New York - Presidential Primary

APRIL 26, 2016:
Connecticut - Presidential Primary
Delaware - Presidential Primary
Maryland - Presidential & State Primary
Pennsylvania - Presidential & State Primary
Rhode Island - Presidential Primary

October 5, 2015

What is it called when someone is about 50 points behind in June...

But is ahead by 10 in New Hampshire in Sept?

Couldn't possibly be a surge. No way Jose.

October 5, 2015

I can't imagine what was going through Bernie's mind....

...when he firsts walks on the stage to see a humongous room of people all there to hear his message. He had to

be saying something more than wow.

My gawd that place looks like a fireakin military airplane hanger. How many 777's could you fit in there?

October 4, 2015

You seem to forget the Smirking Chimp couldn't speak in ...

complete sentences. Bernie is a Harvard Professor compared to the moron. And if people are only judging Bernie on how his hair looks, then I don't want to be near someone with that lack of intelligence or inability to get the earwax out and listen to what he says.

October 1, 2015

If Senator Warren said yes to being the V.P. if she was selected...

I would be one of a million other people that would be doing flips to get them in the W H. An awsome ticket. But then again, I could just be dreaming.

October 1, 2015

You bring up an important factoid Tommy.

I heard or had read about the time Senator Warren supporters from "Run Warren Run" campaign were throwing in the towel, they were ALREADY on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire when Bernie announced he was going for it. Pretty cool ah!

There was no time lost really. Just switching gears more or less.

And for Bernie, a great big


September 30, 2015

But they've proved time and time again that they.....

....don't give a rats ass about their approval ratings. A sick and twisted philosophy to operate. But that's the repuke party.

September 27, 2015

If Bernie wins the White House I think

you can very well expect the corporate media to crumble. Would love to hear independent programming again. Miss the free-form college music stations. Its so 70's.

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