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Bernie Sanders Can Use Our Help in these States

The Sanders Campaign needs help in the following States NOW! If you live in one of these, or know of someone, please contact them right away. They still need to get on the Primary ballots here:


New Jersey

New York





Rhode Island

If you can help, go to this link and sign up

The Reformed Lumenprole Check In and Appreciation Thread

Oy.....one of the greatest posts eva.


My emojis went on strike because the other ones are so much more interesting.

The Reformed Lumenprole Check In and Appreciation Thread

Oy.....one of the greatest posts eva.


My emojis went on strike because the other ones are so much more interesting.

Everything about this election

is making me sick.

The debate ignoring global warming.
The debate being sfrigged for HRC
The debate 'pre-game' being moderated by a former Clinton activist and adviser.
The bans and vitriol here on DU
DWS and her bullshit which could tear this party in half. (It really has me thinking about what I have been a part of my entire life)
Lobbyists and Billionaires who just buy elections.
The destruction of the middle class during my lifetime.
The fact that even with an amazing scholarship, I am still paying $16K per year for my son's education and wondering how families much less fortunate than mine manage something like this.
A Christian religion so off the rails in the US that they have honestly forgotten the teachings of Jesus in favor of lunatic policies like Cruz, Huckabee and Carson.
A smug racist asshole with money leading in the polls.
And because of it discovering just who in my family has been a closet racist for so many years via their Facebook posts.
Being forced to explain to my team why their meager 2% salary increases and a lack of any meaningful bonus is still a great reason to smile and keep on plugging away.
Watching neighbor after neighbor getting foreclosed upon time after time for the last fucking 9 years.
Living in a State that doesn't value teachers at all and as a result is last in the country in Education.
Seeing innocent people repeatedly slaughtered every single week all because gun owners in the US have bought into a lobbyist for gun manufacturers thinking they actually give one shit about their twisted rights under the Constitution.
Knowing that one at least one, maybe two Supreme Court Justices, can be so smart and yet so ignorant.

Honestly, googling about Denmark and Sweden and considering moving.

The ONLY thing keeping me going this time around is knowing that we actually have ONE candidate in this election that could actually SAVE America, but wondering if he gets elected, just how he will get any of it done in the face of such a collection of elected filth in Congress and even with all of that, I can only hope, contribute and try and help as much as time allows to elect Bernie Sanders.


The people on Wall Street abusing the system are NOT my friends.
The people at the banks who speculated with our money only to wind up foreclosing on 80% of the homes in my zip code and the one next to me are NOT my friends.
The individuals who are actively attempting to use my Party to influence and rig this election on behalf of one candidate are NOT my friends.
The bat-shit crazy religious fanatics who want to void the separation between church and state are NOT my friends.
The media who refuse to fairly cover my candidate because their bosses say they can't are NOT my friends.
The elected officials that virtually eliminated tarriffs and signed or voted for agreements that sent jobs to China and Overseas are NOT my friends, it does not matter what Party they belong to.

So why does this election continue to make me sick?

Because apparently, I do not have that many friends in this country unless they are 18 to 28 or old hippies with a smattering of people in between.

Time to go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

Democrats Better Get To The Bottom Of Datagate, And Soon

Source: The Nation

 Clearly the DNC needs to get to the bottom of this, but chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did herself and her party no favors when she blasted the Vermont senator: “The Sanders campaign doesn’t have anything other than bluster,” she said. The chair, who backed Clinton in 2008, is already under fire for a truncated debate schedule that will have many of us leaving holiday parties to watch the next Democratic go-round at 7:30 on the Saturday before Christmas. She needs to investigate the breach, not inflame an already tense situation by snapping back at Sanders.

Read more: http://www.thenation.com/article/democrats-better-get-to-the-bottom-of-datagate-and-soon/

By DNC Contract the Sanders Campaign Had 10 Days, Did Not Get Cause Enough for DWS to Resign Simply

due to breach of contract.

Excerpt from

BERNIE 2016, INC. }
131 Church Street, Suite 300 }
Burlington, VT 05401, }
} Case No.
Plaintiff }
v. }
430 S. Capitol Street, S.E. }
Washington, D.C. 20004, }

26) On December 17, 2015, at approximately 2:47 p.m., the DNC suspended or
terminated the Campaign’s Voter Data access. The suspension or termination of the Campaign’s
access was undertaken without contractual cause, and in contravention of the Agreement’s
termination protocols.

27) The DNC did not send the Campaign any written notice of termination, much less
afford the Campaign the contractually required ten-day period in which to cure any default.

28) The Campaign’s inadvertent access of the Disclosed Information did not
constitute a breach of any provision of the Agreement. Even assuming, arguendo, that the DNC
could prove that Campaign staff intentionally accessed any Disclosed Information, such access
would not amount to a breach of the Agreement, or give the DNC cause to suspend or terminate
the Agreement.


Sanders files suit to regain access to DNC voter database

Source: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to regain access to a Democratic National Committee voter database.

Read more: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/da7e5f2765814506a2519ea03055c1e6/dnc-barring-sanders-team-accessing-data-after-breach

The MoveOn Petition calling for DWS resignation


The DFA petition


Change.Org Petition for DWS to resign


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