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A Disgusting End to the Democratic State Party Convention in Nevada

It began at 6 AM this morning as delegates for both Sanders and Clinton started arriving. As delegates were still lined up in the hall to be certified, State Party Chair Lange called for the first floor vote. Not all delegates were inside. Hillary gained by a wide margin in the first count. The rules were also changed to give the State Chair nearly dictatorial power in controlling the Convention.

64 delegates were locked out. 60 of them, Sanders supporters. They stayed until the close of the convention about 15 minutes ago, over 13 hours, barred from entering by police.

On the second vote, Sanders gained back the ground he had lost in the first vote 31. Chaos ensued.

Throughout the day, Sander's supporters were visibly upset and booed Sen Barbara Boxer for some comments she made. Nina Turner took the stage and rallied Sander's supporters while the main stream media got it wrong and reported that Sander's supporters had been booing Turner. Turner quashed that via Twitter immediately.

As the day dragged on, people had run out of food and could not leave. Sander's supporters from all over the country sent the convention goers pizza, which was shared with everyone, Clinton and Sanders supporters.

It remained a long day and as people were feeling disenfranchised attempts were made to make a motion for a vote of no confidence against the State Party Chair Lange. Twitter blew up as did Periscope. FenyxFX and others attempted to broadcast the entire day.

Each CD then convened to elect their delegates and move towards certification. Around 7 PM people were asked to return to the main hall to vote on the State Party Platform of NV. There were allowances for objections and support heard by rule. An entry in the section on Government and Elections had a change made, with the Party inserting something about super delegates. A motion was made to strike that entry which apparently was not allowed by rule.

Instead, Lange put each subsection of the NV State Platform to a floor vote, Ayes and Nays and every section passed until it came to the section on government and elections which was roundly defeated and so that entire section of the platform was struck.

People were called back to the main Hall and asked to take seats for head counts. They sat and watched CD3 candidates give short speeches. There had been thwarted attempts during the day to take the mic and make a motion for a recount, but one gentlemen was stopped by police. As the 3rd candidate spoke, a supporter came up to him and whispered something, I believe she was asking for his mic to motion for a recount. Instead the candidate made the motion. The feed of him was immediately cut and after a few moments as people were screaming to second, State Chair Lange came in, made a motion to certify as is and adjourn, she got a quick second and concluded the Convention as the entire room screamed their objections and that there was a motion on the floor.

Barricades were placed in front of the State committee stand and police formed a line as every State Party official left in a hurry except for one who bravely stayed and tried to call for order. People were not having it, and tonight the Nevada State Democratic Party was just split in half. There were Sanders supporters in that room that surely would have voted for Hillary should she be the nominee, but after that, these people were lost for good.

This was a travesty. Had the Chair acted fairly, the results likely would not have been that much different, in fact it is likely that the influence may have been a single delegate. Was it worth it to do this to Sander's supporters who have been democrats for much of their lives?

I don't think so.

If you want more there are some blow by blow accounts over at JPR. You can look up FenyxFX's persicope and see for yourself what happened. That is how I saw it as I watched this for nearly 8 hours today.

I think that we may have just witnessed the beginning of a kind of Revolution coming out of Nevada that is not what Bernie was after. I believe Bernie is after social justice and liberal non Third Way Democratic Platforms and principles and wishes to lead THIS Party into the coming generations. Instead, I think we may be witnessing a different kind of revolution coming. I hope not, but I despair for Philadelphia if the DNC does not treat ALL Democrats fairly. ALL of US.

Free Jeanette Jing


They called that based on exit polls

with no polls reporting.

Wow, like if I were one of those Hillary supporters, I would be crying foul right now, whining to no end over the main stream media, trying to console each other with the Bernie can't win stuff and maybe trolling twitter.

Thank god I am a Bernie supporter.

Will the last one out

Please turn off the lights?

In Case You Wondered....


Trolls in the Dungeon.

I would like to propose

that along with Harriet Tubman for the $20 (Great Idea!) we also put somebody on the $200,000.00 bill just to honor those speeches.


When you Get a Candidate of a Lifetime

You Never Quit.

Should you....

find yourself banned tonight, you have a home at jackpineradicals.org but ONLY if you support Bernie.

And the snake begins to slither out

from behind the mask. Hillary Clinton wondering is Bernie Sanders is even a Democrat? Well Mrs. Third Way, there are many Democrats that are wondering just that about you.

If you have doubts, please view that fantastic CNN interview on the subject of the Post and the comment.

It is not over in AZ

Despite the media calling it for HC early, there are many people still in line to vote. I went back to my polling location tonight and filmed over 600 people still in line one hour after the polls closed. I called the campaign. They are very concerned as they should be.

To the vote, the majority of the votes that have been reported are early ballots. Only 12% of polling precincts have reported. This year we had new verification machines that identified you by precinct and party affiliation which slowed down the process at the polls. That and much fewer polling locations is serving to disenfranchise all voters, R's and D's.

It will be a very long night, but please do not give up hope, there are enough votes and voters still in line that this could change. I hope so.
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