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Feeling the Bern

Feeling the Bern's Journal
Feeling the Bern's Journal
May 1, 2016

Clinton Camp says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already

Fresh after Bernie Sanders' call for a "a fifty-state strategy... to plant the flag of progressive politics" nationwide, new reporting on Friday suggests that Hillary Clinton's campaign won't be budged any further to the left.

After Clinton claimed more victories in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania this week, Sanders said, "we are in this race until the last vote is cast," adding that his campaign would head "to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform."

Steps forward on issues that would constitute such a platform can already be seen in the race, observers say. As Max Ehrenfreund writes at Washington Post's Wonkblog Friday,

In the course of fending off Sanders's challenge, Clinton appears to have conceded to him on a couple of major economic policy issues. The former U.S. senator and secretary of state has abandoned the centrist positions she previously held on trade and Social Security and taken stances closer to Sanders's views.

Forced to the left?

This is a real Democrat???
April 30, 2016

OK trooper tells local news: Best way not to get raped by cops is to ‘follow the law’

Oklahoma Highway Patrol official reportedly told women that the best way not to get raped by an officer was to “follow the law.”

In recent months, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer and an Oklahoma City Police officer have been accused of repeatedly raping women, often during traffic stops.

After a Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy was arrested last week for sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a 911 call, Tulsa NBC News affiliate KJRH decided to ask the Oklahoma Highway Patrol how to stay safe during a traffic stop.

The department noted that troopers should always be in uniform, and that women were allowed to keep their car door locked, and to speak with officers through a cracked window. A trooper should rarely ask a person to come back to the patrol car, OHP advised.

Fuck tha Po-lice!

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. George Brown
AKA "Motherfucking asshole rape apologist"
April 27, 2016

Man imprisoned for 28 YEARS after woman dreamed that he raped her to be freed

Man imprisoned for 28 YEARS after woman dreamed that he raped her to be freed after another man confesses

A man imprisoned for 28 years after a woman said she dreamed that he raped her could be freed after a Denver judge overturned his conviction, saying he would likely be acquitted at a new trial because someone else confessed to the crime.

Clarence Moses-EL was convicted in 1988 and sentenced to 48 years in prison for raping and assaulting a woman when she returned home from a night of drinking. When police initially asked who attacked her, she named the man who later confessed.

More than a day after the assault, while in the hospital, the woman identified Moses-EL as her attacker, saying his face came to her in a dream.

Moses-EL has long claimed he was innocent. But his efforts to appeal his conviction were unsuccessful, in part because Denver police threw away DNA evidence from the attack. Police destroyed body swabs and the victim's clothing despite a judge's order to preserve it for testing that could have confirmed Moses-EL's guilt or innocence.

How fucked up is this?

So, let me get this right.

1: Woman gets drunk.
2: Woman gets raped.
3: Woman has dream about attacker.
4: DNA evidence is thrown out.
5: Man loses 28 years of his life.
6: Man is actually innocent.
7: Instead of being freed, Colorado decides to retry him for a crime he didn't commit.

Am I the only one who sees a major fucking problem here?

I hope he sues the pants off everyone involved, even the victim, who clearly lied!
April 27, 2016

2016: The year Americans realized voting and elections are pretty much meaningless

On our side, there have been numerous instances of voter purges and irregularities.

On their side, they are threatening to broker a convention unless the candidate the GOP power brokers decide they want is made the candidate and not the boob the voters chose.

Carlin was right, elections are meaningless. The Great American Okie-Doke has been shown to be a lie in every facet of American life.

April 22, 2016

Idiotic Trump quote of the moment: 9/11 > Pearl Harbor BC great people died, not just soldiers

Trump: 9/11 Way Worse Than Pearl Harbor Cuz ‘Great People’ Were Killed, Not Just Soldiers

On Monday, Donald Trump made a quick stop in Buffalo to get one last dig in at veterans before the New York primary. In a speech meant to pander to what he referred to as “New York values,” Trump declared that 9/11 was the worst attack in our nations history (and he remembered not to call it 7/11 this time).

Still, it wouldn’t be a Donald Trump speech without him finding the most callous and horrible way to say something. So he was quick to clarify that 9/11 was worse than Pearl Harbor because civilians died, not just military.

“This was the worst hit that our country has ever taken, worse than Pearl Harbor, because when they attacked Pearl Harbor at least it was military. This was civilians. These were great people. Everybody in this room practically knew somebody that died or somebody that was horribly injured during that terrible day.”

Apparently the 2,403 men and women who died at Pearl Harbor somehow weren’t “great people.” Yes, he was just trying to stroke the egos of New Yorkers, but to say that somehow the death of military personnel is less tragic because they were voluntarily serving their country is a huge slap in the face to both veterans and current members of the armed forces. These were American lives lost in a horrific and terrible way. Not only does Trump try to make it a competition, but he does so by belittling the memory of Pearl Harbor, by implying that the lives lost there were less significant.

And this asshole could become our next president

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