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The Polack MSgt

The Polack MSgt's Journal
The Polack MSgt's Journal
June 13, 2024

I believe that the Hunter trial opens what should be a very productive line of investigation

Set up an AI search to match drug/alcohol rehab registrations and cross reference that data to firearm purchase background checks.

Since the GOP is positive that this is a crime worthy of a trial (despite Hunter already agreeing to plead guilty) there shouldn't be any pushback on prosecuting hundreds, if not thousands of folks who illegally purchased firearms while addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Truly a silver lining

June 13, 2024

Musicians called Shorty.

Jimi Hendrix's brother-in-law and longtime electric blues monster, Guitar Shorty


New Orleans' own Trombone Shorty. With another of my favorites, Warren Haynes

Ladies and gents, Shorty!
These guys are the reason for this thread if I'm being honest.
I was searching for a Trombone Shorty song and this band came up in the results

June 13, 2024

Ok, pour a glass. Then, put the bass up and treble low. It's Onyx time

This is the one you know


This is the one that makes my head bop

Blood on the X was a much darker, angrier project
June 9, 2024

Sunday morning, let's listen to some organ music, why don't we? It's like church. Rueben Wilson, "Blue Mode"

The band is magic too:
Drums: Tommy Derrick, Guitar: Melvin Sparks, Tenor Saxophone: John Manning.

Of course, Rueben on the organ


Here's his take on Marvine Gayes "Inner City Blues"

June 7, 2024

Friday night play list - So what's in my headphones to start Friday night?

Some Sturgil Simpson while my glass gets filled


Buffalo Nichols - who my wife and I watched perform an all-acoustic set - just him and a fiddle player - at The Old Rock House in St Louis just last month.

Luke Winslow King, he's new to me & I like what I've heard so far...

June 2, 2024

Danielle Nicole thread.

I have been a super fan for years.
Welp, I may as well start here.


She was once the bassist and vocalist in a family band called Trampled Under Foot.
My wife and I saw this band a lot, they used to come to St Louis 4 or 5 times a year and. if we were free that night? We went.
Every time it was possible to see 'em we did.
Danielle and her 2 brothers were a genuine, badass, regional blues rock band.


So, we've, been fans for a decade plus.
She rocks now, and she rocked back then too.

I want to point she's a dead solid bassist and a better than average song writer too.

Ok. Just listen.
May 31, 2024

The Ugly Kings. Australian hard rock that's worth a listen


I know I shared this one before, not many bands have the stones to rework a David Bowie song like this.


This video is what grabbed ahold of me and made me follow the Ugly Kings around the old series of tubes. The song is cool too


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61-year-old Polish/Irish retired USAF dude. Married to my lovely young bride for 36 years and counting. A loudly blue vet in rural Illinois.
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