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Paul Ryan Crawls Out Of The Woodwork And Reminds America What A Shameful Sellout He Is

From the article:

Just when most of the country had seemingly forgotten what a spineless sellout Paul Ryan was, the former Republican House Speaker from Wisconsin returned to give the American people a reminder.

According to The Hill, the failed 2012 vice presidential nominee sat down for an interview with PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff on Sunday, and he praised Donald Trump’s so-called leadership.

“What I think people get excited about is he’s not taking any crap,” the former congressman said of Trump. “I mean, he’s taking on political correctness, he’s taking fights that a lot of people want to see fought.”

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Trump is an open racist, an open misogynist, and a crook. What exactly does the phrase political correctness have to do with that?

Muslim women defy ban to swim in burkinis at French pool 24 June 2019

From the article:

In a protest inspired by US civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, they bathed in suits covering their entire bodies - apart from the face, hands and feet - in the city of Grenoble on Sunday.
The Jean Bron swimming pool is among many in France that ban burkinis....

"We must fight against discriminatory policies and prejudice in France, as we are actually deprived of our civil rights of access to public services and city-owned infrastructures."

To read more:


Liberté, égalité, et fraternité, a l'exception des Mussulmans?

Are liberty, and equality, and brotherhood reserved for the European citizens of France? It certainly seems as if many in France take this position.

Joe Biden and other candidates speak to diverse faith leaders, activists

From the article:

Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off a major forum on faith and poverty issues Monday afternoon, fielding questions from faith leaders and low-income Americans during a gathering organized by the Poor People’s Campaign.

“We have the greatest income inequity … in the United States of America since 1902,” Biden told the crowd of hundreds assembled on Monday (June 17) at Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C. “But the fact of the matter is there is plenty, plenty to go around.”

Biden, the current frontrunner among Democrats, according to most polls, was also asked questions by the co-chairs of the Poor People’s Campaign — the Rev. William Barber and the Rev. Liz Theoharis — as well as MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Attendees at the gathering of religious progressives peppered the onetime Delaware senator with questions about how he would address issues impacting the poor, including whether he would campaign in the South — a region that faces some of the largest issues of poverty.

To read more:


Biden was on target when he said:

"But the fact of the matter is there is plenty, plenty to go around.”

The GOP is the Party of openness.

The GOP is openly misogynistic.

The GOP is openly racist.

The GOP is openly Islamophobic.

The GOP is openly anti-worker.

The GOP is openly anti-environmental.

The GOP is openly anti-science.

The GOP is openly the Party of endless war.

The GOP is openly criminal in its defense of Trump, and in its defense of Trump's crimes.

The GOP will not revert to "normal" after Trump.

What the Trump led GOP is represents what is normal for the GOP, and has been so since 1968.

Racism is the foundation of the post-1968 GOP.

Representing the wealthy to the detriment of all others has been the post-1920 GOP.

Misogyny is the GOP.

Lying about what their policies are intended to do is the GOP.

Electoral cheating and voter suppression is the GOP, and has been since 1968.

There is no normal GOP that will come out again after Trump leaves.

And thinking otherwise is, in my view, delusional.

And this is not to say that all conservative voters are racist, misogynistic, greedy liars, but being one is certainly no obstacle to electoral success in the GOP.

Southern Baptist president says racial insensitivity shows disregard for the gospel

From the article:

Speaking at a black church Sunday (June 9) in a city that is nearly 75% percent African American, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear, said white Christians who are racially insensitive are disregarding the gospel.
“I do not need to tell this church the church of the West has had a horrible history of racism,” Greear, a pastor in North Carolina, told Sixth Avenue Baptist Church.
“And there’s one primary reason that that happened: Christians lost touch with the gospel.”...

“The gospel teaches us that there’s only one kind of person: human,” said Greear. “We’ve all got the same problem: sin.”

To read more:


Rachel Maddow Tells Missouri GOP To Get Lost After They Whine About Her Abortion Coverage

From the article:

Rachel Maddow had a response for the Republican-led government in Missouri after they criticized her reporting on the state’s attack on women: Get lost.
“The state government in Missouri has let us know they are upset about our coverage,” the MSNBC host said. “But our reporting on this matter is correct and the state has not substantively rebutted any of it.”

To read more:


The GOP is, of course, attacking women's freedom, but the essence of the GOP strategy is to deceive voters.

Canada's Plan to Ban Single-Use Plastics....

Canada's Plan to Ban Single-Use Plastics and Make Corporations Responsible for Waste Welcomed as 'Step in the Right Direction'

From the article:

Environmental campaigners on Monday welcomed the Canadian government's new plan to ban certain single-use plastics as early as 2021 and work with provinces and territories to make corporations responsible for their plastic waste.
"Ultimately Canada needs to move towards phasing out all non-essential plastics if we are going to truly reduce the awful plastic legacy we are leaving for future generations of all life on this planet," Sarah King of Greenpeace Canada said in a statement. "The federal government's announcements marks the first step in an essential journey to break free from plastic."

To read more:


Religion in the classroom: Where the faithful and the ACLU can agree

From the article:

The United States has a religion problem, but it is not what most Americans might think. It is not a problem of too many religions, or religion influencing politics or even of Muslim extremists. No, the United States has a religion problem, and this problem is ignorance of religion.

The sad fact is that it is possible to journey from first grade to a doctorate in U.S. school systems having never once taken a survey course on the Bible, much less having been introduced to basic knowledge of the world’s religions. When religion is treated at all, it is usually in bits and pieces — the biblical references in Melville’s “Moby Dick,” perhaps, or the religious issues fueling the Crusades.....

Intriguingly, much of this crisis may be rooted in a myth. School districts and state boards of education fear recriminations if they deal with matters of faith in the classroom. Yet even the American Civil Liberties Union — dreaded in many American school districts for its lawsuits against religion in public education — urges objective teaching of the world’s religions. In its Joint Statement on Current Law and Religion in the Public Schools, the organization declared, “It is both permissible and desirable to teach objectively about the role of religion in the history of the United States and other countries.”

To read more:


SPLC to Congress: Myth of 'white genocide' driving white nationalist terror attacks

From the article:

The SPLC’s Lecia Brooks testified today before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (Committee on Oversight and Reform) about the need for federal action to confront the deadly white nationalist movement. Brooks delivered the following oral remarks to the subcommittee chaired by U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin, in addition to written testimony.

Thank you, Rep. Raskin, for inviting the Southern Poverty Law Center to participate in today’s hearing.

In our country today, there is without question an escalating crisis of hate-related violence. There are no longer isolated incidents. There are no lone wolves. We are well past the point of cautionary tales. Each senseless act after senseless act is intertwined and connected by bigotry’s sinew, woven by a callous disregard for human life.

To read more:


Trump, for all of his brutal and open racism, is only one example of the racism that was built into the foundation of this country.

A toxic blend of predatory capitalism and racism is used to divide workers.
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