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aspirant's Journal
aspirant's Journal
March 29, 2016


In AZ did we find out exactly where the registrations were fraudulently altered?

Was it at the State Dem Party level, the AZ Secretary of State office, the DNC or the NGP VAN private contractor who could easily distinguish Bernie from HRC voters?

March 25, 2016

Provisional ballots

Has any state that forced provisional ballots on their voters, counted them?

March 18, 2016

The party mentality

We have only one party, The Establishment Party and it's because "We The People" allow it. This is called a monopoly and Bernie says we must break these things up. The Dems and the Repubs are interchangeable and it's only because of politicians egos and job security that we have 2 imaginary sides. Everyone knows you need 2 teams to play a game because with only one team you stand on the field motionless. This gives the lofty politicians a debate stage to continue their pretense of Ivy league intellectual dominance over the masses and for some reason we play this game.

At last comes an elected official that wants to get off the showy debate stage and mingle with the masses. "We The People" are so bewildered that only the ones that see thru the mirage jump for joy and the rest are so befuddled and threatened by genuine actions that they cling desperately to the security of the status quo. Either we take decades to educate them that we are all Americans FIRST and FOREMOST or we set-up our own people's stage (party) and let the others slowly evolve.

All Americans deserve a daily voice in governing ourselves and not just a vote every 2 years.

March 17, 2016

Bernie must stay in all the way to the convention, either way

This will give us an accurate number of how many millions of supporters the Revolution has at convention time.

It also will reveal state, county and precinct numbers for all 50 states. Very important for focusing in which areas the numbers of our progressive voters are strongest. Match candidates with our base and we are on our way.

We haven't had this vital info for years since establishment RW Dems have dominated almost all primaries. Thank God we've had a real progressive candidate like Bernie to organize and expose our true numbers.

March 17, 2016

The nomination

Has anyone of us planned how we get Bernie nominated at the convention?

If he wins the most delegates can we expect the DNC to rollover and award him the nomination with all these Superfreak delegates floating around the convention hall. If we don't prepare now, we will be steamrolled at the convention and wondering around in a daze trying to figure out what happened. Does anyone think DWS and the DNC aren't planning their strategy right now?

It will be a continuation of their brainwashing tactics of turning us all into a state of manic depression. The emotional roller coaster rides of extreme highs and lows with primary wins and defeats resulting in a drained and crippled progressive voter. Just look at DU for the ecstasy we experience with wins and the depression and the thoughts of giving up after loses. We have been subjected to this for years and the results has been to get pissed off and walk away or be so drained and abused our willpower is shattered and we give in and submit to vote for a RW Dem. We have to wake up and stop this.

We must be continually planning win/win strategies so we always have a positive position to pursue

March 17, 2016

Where are the recounts?

Exit polls in Illinois and Missouri don't add up

I'm sick of these Establishment talking points of "sore losers." Where is the integrity of the vote and our importance as voters to be accurately counted.

All we hear is "a sweep" yet when we have a chance to possibly bring cheating to light we hesitate. How in the world do we change this corrupt voting system if we don't confront it head-on?

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