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Name: mitch
Gender: Do not display
Member since: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 11,859

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"She said she wants to build the case "

The only thing I can thing of is she is gonna start the inquiry during the run up to the election. Every day news about the orange shitstain "high crimes and misdemeanors" so the voting public hear it 24/7... I guess timing is everything.. I want the fucker out now...

" You have two choices. Fight or surrender."

What-a-boutism is all "about" changing the narrative from what you are talking about to what they want to talk about.. Don't play that game. .KellyAnn is a master at this. Use a bit of your statement to sound like they are answering the question and a bunch of negative that supports their idea. It's all about them putting you on the defensive and changing the subject to what supports them.
When I get confronted with this tactic, I politely say we are not taking about their topic now. We are talking about what I said. We can talk about what you want after this point is discussed. Keep going back to your topic, not theirs. If they can't change the subject to their topic they usually run out of steam... get frustrated and go away.
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