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Member since: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 05:43 AM
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Neil Young: Like a Hurricane.

Thank you very much to the kind DU'ers who have given me hearts. You have brightened my week.

That was very thoughtful and I appreciate it.

Hers is a link to the correct image.


I can't get behind some holding up.a likeness off a severed head.

Even though i dislike tRump and his politics what she did IMO was over the top and innappropriate. CNN rightfully gave her the boot.

She has the right to do whatever she wants but what she did imo is not socially acceptable. The fact that there are offensive aholes on the right doesn't justify her actions.

The man is unfit to lead this country.

There is absolutely nothing but positives about the Senators trip to Rome. The only controversy is

the unhealthy obsession Hillary'supporters have about it.
Keep knocking yourself out.

It is not the job of the moderator of Meet The Press

to pitch softballs to presidential candidates.

Here is a link to an article on where the U.S. stands on the Soclal Progress Index


We rank 16th, and 70th in the sub-category of health and wellness.

Mika was the harshest on her.

Questioning her qualifications and asking point blank "How did she get the job". The male members on the show did not bring gender into the discussion. Willy Guist was quick to add that the director had solid experience and had been on several secret service details in the past etc. Duetch also softened Mika's implications and framed the discussion in a fairer manner .

(Apologies for the edits, I'm posting from my phone,)
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