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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,936

Journal Archives

I am seeing an interesting change of behavior in my neck of the woods

and its in southeastern Virginia near the border with North Carolina, not exactly a liberal stronghold to say the least.

The past two days there was a run on the testing kits at the local Walgreens and in most stores the majority of people were masking up. That did not use to be the case as recently as a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, Omicron and maybe Trump saying you should get vaccinated/boosted had an effect.

I hesitate to attribute that to the excellent speech president Biden delivered on the topic since as I mentioned above most people around here are of the let's go Brandon persuasion.

Maybe the densest amongst us are finally starting to get it..

Another tool to map out covid infections. Yankee Candles !


Rachel is hilarious. It's amazing how stupid people are as well. You would think they would figure maybe they have covid, but no its a bad candle so they post a bad review on Amazon about the "bad" candle..

Why Elisabeth Holmes and not Trump ?

She is currently on trial for defrauding investors by misrepresenting what her company was accomplishing and selling.
She is facing up to 20 years if found guilty.

All that is understandable, however I fail to see why Trump is not in the same predicament. After all, the Trump University debacle was also fraud on a grand scale.

He has a plethora of other dubious schemes that could qualify as well.

What is Trump doing that has kept him out of prison for decades, even prior to being president ?

Why aren't Wisconsin Republicans who posed as fake electors

and forged paperwork, going as far as submitting it in jail yet ?

Is not forgery a federal crime?

It's not like it's hard to prosecute, they fucking signed the documents. They are pursuing that in Wisconsin but can it and should it be a DOJ action as well?

Oops looks like I tested positive to covid19

I was having symptoms of a cold the past two days, no fever.

I went and purchased a home test and it looks like it's positive. I guess I will get more rigorous one done at the drive in testing center to be sure and follow up with my doctor.

I'm fully vaxed and boosted and only experiencing very mild symptoms. I am located in southeastern Virginia where there has been an increase. I do mask up fully at work and when out in public. Still possibly got it. Until it's confirmed I am going to isolate and assume I am positive.

President Biden will be back by tomorrow.

I am curious to see if he going to summon Manchin to the white house for a "friendly" talk. He must not be too pleased about the backstabbing while he was abroad.

So what's the status with Bannon and the contempt of Congress ?

Congress voted to hold him in Contempt on the 21st of October. What's next ? Does congress have to formally refer that to the DOJ and did they do so? What's the timeline on the DOJ announcing they will pursue charges ? Does this typically take days, weeks, months ?

Once we close the deal on the reconciliation bill

and I have no doubt we will get there, I think the attention will shift on the voting rights bill. If President Biden can achieve that, his first terrm will be a resounding success. Very few presidents have passed so many consequential bills in their first term.

past the point of no return.

I am convinced that even if by some miracle Trump stood up and said I lost and the big lie about the election being rigged was just that, a lie in order to keep my base motivated and donating, his followers would not believe it.

They would say Trump is being forced to say so. Recently Trump meekly said at a rally that he was vaccinated and you should too. His followers completely rejected that.

I think I understand Synema

She has no clear policy positions or political convictions. Over the years she went from being green to Democrat to barely one .

I think she is in over her head and all she can do is performance art. Remember the extravagant outfits, the little curtsy after voting against the $15.00 per hour bill, the refusal to engage in any interviews or serious debates or to clarify her position on the reconciliation bill.

When asked about where she stands she replies " in front of the elevator" thinking it's funny. All she is doing now is trolling . I don't think it's based on political goals. She is just trolling her way through her 6 years and then will get a job on some board and not run again.
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