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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,937

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I am glad to see president Obama on the campaign trail not mincing his words.

He is not hesitating to say the republicans are lying. Using that actual word 'lies'. I remember a time when it was taboo to say that even if it was the case. The president is out there firing on all cylinders.

Wat the heck ? The bomber just got arrested. Trump is holding a rally inside

The white house instead of addressing it.. reports of some of them cheating CNN ducks in the white house. Get the fucker out of here. It's the white house, not a rally .

Interesting. First thing they do is cover the van with a tarp.

God forbid that people would see it is covered with stickers for trump and other right wing paraphernalia.
We dont want to ruffle the feathers of these trump voters.

After all Rush Limbaugh said that people on the right would not plant bombs...

So Rachel is describing the trump family financial shenanigans.

It's more than just tax fraud, its outright money laundering. For example, they setup a company which would buy stuff for trump's buildings (like say, a boiler) then turn around and jack up the price to sell it to fred trump. The difference would be pocketed by Donald trump tax free. Its mob money laundering tactics..

Hypothetically if the FBI discovered evidence of a crime during a background check

Would they not be bound to refer it to the justice department for prosecution or could they be told to ignore it because it's just "a background check" ?

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