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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,937

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I think the networks will be derelict in opposing trump.

However after that dressing down he gave them yesterday, some may start opposing him. I am more hopefull that real investigative journalism will come from the print press as it historically always as.
Anchors on tv are just there to generate ratings. The newspapers is where real journalists are.

They better start pushing back quick. Trump is trying to take control of the media exactly like a dictator would. Yet, when I point that out to people I am told that I am paranoid and "it cant happen here".

I fear for the young people who benefited from the dream act.

Initially, there was a lot of fear in the hispanic community about going out and be registered to benefit from the dream act. What if the feds later decide to use this list for enforcement?

Eventually people were convinced and came out and benefited from the dream act. What if the Trump administration decide to use this information to go after these kids and their families ?

Devastating report on jeff session now on rachel maddow

She is reporting on Jeff Session's racist demeanor back when he was running for federal judge.

Wtf ? Andrea mitchell is saying Trump was much better prepared than last time ????

I did not think it was possible but he managed

To have an even worst debate performance than last time. This one is for the history books.

Cooper made him say he never kissed women or groped them without consent.

Its going to come back to haunt him. I am sure there will be plenty of women who will come forward to say otherwise...

we are fortunate bill weld is not heading the libertarians.

Gary Johnson is dimwitted enough that the millenials may reconsider and vote for Hillary instead. If Bill Weld was at the top of the ticket it would be harder.

He is being interviewed on meet the press and sounds smart, especially when compared to Johnson.
He did say that Hillary is the most qualified to be president and he has a lot if respect for her.

Yet he is saying he is trying to get his ticket elected.

Interestingly enough, he is saying he would be concerned about getting Trump elected but he thinks they are past the spoiler status given they poll at 15 to 20 % in many states ( i did not check, thats what he said. )

I voted today!

I live in virginia and you can vote absentee ballot in person at the registrar office since september 23rd.
I will likely be travelling for work on nov 8th so I went today. I was pleased to see that in my county they phased out all the touch screen voting machines. Its now a paper ballot you fill with a pen. Its then scanned and counted by the machine. It keeps the paper ballot for eventual recount.

meet the press this evening

So I was listening to MSNBC on my way from work. Meet the press was up and Chuck Todd was interviewing a Trump campaign surrogate. Jason Miller, a Trump spokesperson kept saying that Trump had won the debate, citing the bogus online polls taken right after. Even Todd who has quite a high threshold for bullshit and tends not to challenge lies was choked at that and kept pushing back.

They have a clip on there .

Its amazing how far these surrogates are going to deny reality.

booker is doing what obama did in 2004

He is delivering an incredible speech like president Obama did in 2004.
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