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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,123

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rep Clyburn seem pretty optimistic about converging on civil rights legislation

And getting Manchin and others to do a filibuster carve out for it. I am glad to hear that. I trust him implicitly and he has once again set in motion what might be the needed push to get it done.
ironically, Abbott may have helped by escalating the situation in Texas to the point that Texas dems had to leave the state. they are now in DC giving interviews, talking to legislators and adding even more pressure.
The president is also using his bully pulpit delivering a forceful speech on voting rights.
I really think all of this is going to yield results. So now is the time to support and get behind our democratic reps instead of berating them being impatient. I know itís frustrating but we are witnessing history in motion.

lol. don Jr and the blond son..

that's how Rachel describe the Trump spawns. Eric does not even rate a mention by name.

Texas state democrats just fled the state

to deny quorum to the Republicans and stop the passage of the voter suppression bills.
Just announced on MSNBC.

Wealthy people can be so tone deaf.

So Ari is interviewing Wolfgang Puck. Puck just is reopening his restaurants post pandemic and complaining he can't find enough waiters and chefs for one of his high end restaurant in Beverly Hills ( Spago).

He said he can't open for lunch because those chefs went to work for private people after he laid them off at the start of the pandemic.

He says they are now making more money and working less to which Ari Melber replies Spago is very expensive ( probably hinting Puck could pay them more), Puck laughs it off.

You would think a businessman would know the answer is pay your staff a competitive salary .

I am ambivalent about Trump running in 2024

On one hand, I am thinking this may prevent more sinister candidates like De Santis from running. The idea would be that Trump should be easy to beat again.

On the other hand, my faith in the wisdom of American people is limited. There is always the possibility that he could somehow win.

Regarding the DOJ suing Georgia for their election laws

If I understand correctly when something like that is contested, a judge will usually grant a stay to stop the new law from going into effect until all legal challenges are exhausted. Does this mean that even if the DOJ does not win outright, it can run the clock until the 2022 elections where they would have to use the previous laws if the new one has a stay on it?

procedural question regarding bills.

So if we have this so-called bipartisan bill on infrastructure and it passes house , gets put up for vote in senate and goes down because repubs renege on it, can we reintroduce
the original Biden proposal as part of the reconciliation package ?

I assume a new bill would have to be written, pass house and senate ( with 50 votes under reconciliation) . Hopefully that's plan B if the deal is actually scuttled.


We have several hydrangeas in our yard. We are in southeastern Virginia. After hurricane Isabel in 2003 they stopped flowering. At that time yard got flooded but it did not kill the hydrangeas.

For the first time in 18 years , one of them is putting out a flower. We had tried fertilizing, weeding around it, etc.. in the past and could never get them to flower again even thought they put out a robust foliage. Not sure what changed. The only thing I can think of is that we now have chickens that we let roam and they maybe picked bugs around it and pooped there fertilizing it ?

Why is Adam Schiff saying it will take a decade

to clean up the justice department in the wake of the revelation that they were spying on him, his staff and potentially others? Is not it just a matter of firing anybody who was nominated by Trump ? Just fucking clean house.

that electric f150 is amazing

Rachel is having an extensive report about it and is interviewing the chief engineer, a women who migrated to the country.
That might be my next vehicle when I have to replace mine next year. 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds, 400 miles range, half a charge recharge in 15 minutes.. insane torque ( like all electrics) , can be used as a backup generator if your house loses power..., etc..
That thing might be a game changer.
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