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misterhighwasted's Journal
misterhighwasted's Journal
June 11, 2014

@trammell4VA is the twitter handle everyone!

from his FB page

June 3, 2014

QUESTION: What are Veteran groups or Veteran/Enlisted saying about POW Bergdahl's release?

As I understand the military, their code of brotherhood leaves no soldier to die a captive in a foreign country. Regardless.

Has anyone heard any statements from a military branch that supports the return of Bergdahl?

May 30, 2014

Sloan Gibson..USO..Did he take from the poor & cut himsellf a fat check?

seemd upstanding until I read this from Nov 2013:

(snip)The $559,401 that United Service Organizations President and CEO Sloan Gibson is listed for earning on the nonprofit’s 2012 tax form is more than Obama’s $400,000 base salary. But Gibson’s figure, which includes a $125,000 bonus and incentive compensation, $18,477 in other compensation, $25,050 in deferred compensation, and $23,035 in nontaxable benefits in addition to his $367,839 base pay, is about on par with what Obama receives.

That includes Obama’s $150,000 expense account and $100,000 nontaxable travel account. In all, Obama’s compensation package comes to about $569,000 per year.

With Gibson pegged to become the No. 2 administrator at the Department of Veterans Affairs next year, the next in line to succeed him at the USO is John Pray. Last year, Pray’s compensation package came to $365,323. Pray’s compensation, along with the next five key USO employees’ compensation, totaled $1.85 million for an average of $308,000 in 2012.

(snip)Ross said he is also not pleased that the USO constantly urges its volunteers to make cash donations in addition to the work they donate to run the lounges and clubs for the USO.

“It’s very annoying when you get an email from the current CEO, Sloan Gibson, and it says, ‘We have a program and its goal is to raise $250,000.’ Then you read the tax return and see he’s getting a bonus of $125,000. It’s like, ‘What?’ Why don’t you come out and say, ‘Hey, as the CEO of the USO I’m going to challenge you. I will match all your donations up to, let’s say, $100,000,’ something along those lines. That’s real leadership.”

In her email, Fishel wrote that the “USO does not solicit its volunteers for donations. The email he received has nothing to do with volunteers and has no correlation with his volunteer status.

“The USO, like many other nonprofits, regularly communicates to our many donors and supporters via email and direct mail, and Mr. Ross may have received one of these,” Fishel wrote.

Ross said the congressionally chartered USO should have executives who are paid a fair market wage that is between $200,000 and $250,000 per year, not twice that amount.

“Why can’t we get top-notch retired military personnel who could be doing this work and pay them a fair market wage to supplement the pension they’re already getting?” he asked



Reminded me of how Brinker managed the Pink Ribbon non-profit.
Hope I am wrong to doubt Sloan Gibson, and the VA is repaired to peak performance for our Veterans.
And I hope Mr Gibson is not readying the dept for a move to privatize. Our tax dollars we pay to care for our veteran programs were never intended to line the pockets of private corporations.

We will see.

May 6, 2014

Benghazi investigation & now CNN dredges up Monica Lewinsky..

CNN just now talking about Lewinsky, her book & asking the burning question: "What does this now mean for Hillary Clinton's Presidential run?"
Painting Monica as a young victim of the forces of power around her at the time of the affair.
I would say that the same forces that brought Lewinsky to President Bill Clinton's Oval Office are still out there playing the same game, chipping away at Hillary's higher-than-Jeb's poll numbers with all they can dredge from the past.
Benghazi & Lewinsky.

I am sickened by their more than obvious attempts at smear, in hanging it around Hillary Clinton's neck.

I may not survive the elections of 2014 & 2016.
The Kochligarchy has already chosen Jeb Bush as our next President.

We may as well continue on from yesterday's thread and add Lewinsky as this weeks media darling of the GOP News.
Its a mental sickness.


April 24, 2014

Question for Vaping friends as to new FDA regulations

Are theyt only regulating & inspecting vape juices made in USA or are they also inspecting those imported from China etc.?
Just wondering as to their inspections.
I have no problem with those making EJuices being held to pure ingredient standards. But many EJuices are imported as flavorings & some from China have already been found to be less than quality.
How does the FDA plan to regulate/inspect foreign made Ejuices & flavorings?

April 24, 2014

Big Ed just called out Hannity's love/hate fest with Cliven Bundy. ZZZING

Dared Hannity to admit on his show tonight that he was wrong about Bundy. Big Ed says Hannity won't do it because he is a PHONEY. I laughed out loud at that zinger & actually stood up & clapped in front of my TV.
It was a just repudiation of the true Hannity & Faux News hate for Obama & Reid. AMEN Mr Big Ed..!!

Anyone else just witness Ed Schultz smack the snot outta Hannity's lying face?
Cheers to Big Ed. Thank You!!

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