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PeteSelman's Journal
PeteSelman's Journal
October 8, 2013

Josh Freeman to Vikings.


The Vikings gave Freeman a one-year deal worth about $3 million, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

All totaled, Freeman will make more than $11.4 million until he becomes a free agent this winter, factoring in the $2.479 million the Bucs paid him at the start of the season, the $5.9 million in termination pay from the team, and his new deal with Minnesota.

Apparently all the drug chatter about this guy that was all over sports radio was wrong. He may be the starter in Minnesota.
October 3, 2013

Inspired by Obamacare, Disney World gives part time workers full time status.


Papa Johns, SeaWorld, and UPS are just some of the few companies, among others, that have cut worker’s hours to avoid Obamacare requirements that part-time employees are provided health insurance by their employer. Rather than comply with Obamacare, these businesses hurt employees out of sheer greed or hatred of President Obama’s signature law. But not Disney World.


But if House Republicans have their way, great stories like this could cease. Because they have a deep hatred of President Obama, the GOP has waged a constant war against the Affordable Care Act. In their desperation to kill the law, Republicans have filed lawsuits challenging the law’s constitutionality, but were defeated after the Supreme Court ruled the law perfectly constitutional. Outraged, House Republicans have continued holding votes to repeal the law on a consistent, and useless, basis. To date, House Republicans have voted to repeal the law nearly 40 times since officially taking control of the chamber in 2011. And on the same day that people could finally start signing up for the health insurance exchanges created by Obamacare, House Republicans shut down the government because the Senate and President Obama refused to delay or kill the law within the budget resolution as the GOP demanded.


Instead of screwing over their workers in the name of profit, Disney and other companies are doing the right thing by making sure their employees are taken care of, even if it means advancing part-time workers to full-time employment to make sure they’re covered. Disney is already one of the most hated companies among conservatives. Now you can bet that Disney is even MORE hated by them. And that, like a business taking care of its employees, is a wonderful thing.


I know some people here like to give Disney shit and sometimes with good reason but this is a positive for the Mouse. Good for them.

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