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Gender: Female
Hometown: East Coast
Home country: USA
Current location: West Coast
Member since: Tue Sep 3, 2013, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 2,325

Journal Archives

Julian Assange Rushes To Defend Homocon Milo

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange decided to get in on Milo Yiannopoulos‘ most recent controversy by denouncing the “liberals” who are happy that the Breitbart tech editor has been exiled from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Yiannopoulos was meant to give a speech at CPAC this week, but after a video surfaced of him apparently defending pedophilia, he was disinvited from the event. Yiannopoulos has stated that he is “horrified” by pedophilia, but the impact of the video cost him his book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster, and there are indications that Breitbart might be thinking about firing him.


more: http://www.joemygod.com/2017/02/21/julian-assange-rushes-defend-homocon-milo/

Trump supporters hope Californians will drown in the Oroville Dam crisis in the counties...

that voted for him.

Trump fans are calling for Californians to drown amid concerns the Oroville Dam will collapse – even though the surrounding counties voted Republican.

Hundreds of thousands of Northern Californians have been evacuated from the area because of flood dangers, so Trump supporters, assuming everyone in the state is liberal, are tweeting in the hope they will be “washed away” and “drown.”

The reasoning seems to be: Californians are liberal and don’t like Trump, so they shouldn’t expect any federal help if their homes are demolished by a 30-foot wall of water.

But they should have checked the electoral map – the counties around the Oroville Dam all voted Trump in 2016.




Conservative Comic Depicts Besty DeVos As Girl In Iconic Civil Rights Painting

A cartoon depicting Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who faced protests last week that briefly prevented her from entering a school, in an iconic civil rights painting made waves on the Internet Tuesday.

The cartoon, created by artist Glenn McCoy, depicted Devos as the African-American girl in Norman Rockwell's 1964 painting "The Problem We All Live With," who is walking to an all-white school amid protests and violent resistance to school de-segregation.

To say people were unhappy with the comparison is an understatement.


Geraldo Rivera resigns from Yale post over Calhoun College rechristening

What a piece of vomit....

After the university changed its residential college’s name, Rivera said Yale was too politically correct for him.

On Sunday, media personality Geraldo Rivera announced he had stepped down from his role as an associate fellow at Yale, following the university’s decision to rename a college that had once been dedicated to a staunch slavery supporter.

Yale University announced it would change the name of Calhoun College to instead honor Grace Murray Hopper, who was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer during World War II and also helped develop the Mark II and Mark III computers. The school had originally been named for John C. Calhoun, who held several high-profile positions in government, including vice president, senator, and secretary of state. Calhoun called slavery a “positive good.”

Rivera described the university’s decision to cease honoring a champion of slavery and instead recognize a female computer scientist as “intolerant” and “lame.”


DU this poll: Do you approve of the job President Trump has done so far?

So much has happened since Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, it's hard to believe it's been only a little over two weeks.
There has been an endless stream of news, what with daily executive orders, constant protests, numerous confirmation hearings, presidential tweets and a nomination for the Supreme Court.

A lot of it has been overshadowed with the controversy over Trump's executive order on ceasing immigration from seven nations and the chaos it caused at the nation's airports and on his plans to build a wall at the Mexican border.


Russia parliament votes 380-3 to decriminalize domestic violence

Russia's parliament voted 380-3 on Friday to decriminalize domestic violence in cases where it does not cause "substantial bodily harm" and does not occur more than once a year.

The move, which eliminates criminal liability in such cases, makes a violation punishable by a fine of roughly $500, or a 15-day arrest, provided there is no repeat within 12 months.

The bill now goes to the rubber-stamp upper chamber, where no opposition is expected. It then must be signed by President Vladimir Putin, who has signaled his support.


A survey this month by state-run pollster VTsIOM found 19% of Russians said “it can be acceptable” to hit one’s wife, husband or child “in certain circumstances,” the Associated Press reported. The nationwide poll by phone of 1,800 people was held Jan. 13-15. The survey had a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points.

In many ways, this reflects the thrust of an old Russian proverb: “If he beats you it means he loves you.”


Revealing Video of Donald and Melania Trump at Inauguration: Was It Reversed?

This video clip has been circulating on Twitter, showing a rather shocking moment between Donald Trump and his wife Melania. Trump is turned to face her, and she’s beaming at him — but as he turns away to face front again, Melania’s face collapses into what can only be called a miserable frown as soon as he’s not looking at her.

Almost immediately, people started claiming this video was “reversed.” I don’t know where this claim originated, but I suspect it came from Trump followers.

However, there’s another clip available of this exact moment in Franklin Graham’s invocation; it’s from a different angle and doesn’t show Melania, but Trump’s movements match Graham’s words exactly the same as in the shorter clip above. Here it is, queued up to start at the same moment:


Cliff Notes of Trump's speech

Rick Santorum Gets CNN Job

The US media is a serious threat to the country.

One of America's Leading Anti-LGBT, Anti-Immigrant Religious Conservatives
Far right wing religious conservative Rick Santorum, the man whose re-election loss was the largest defeat for a sitting senator in a quarter-century, and the man who produced just three failed films as head of a Christian film studio, has just been hired by CNN as a contributor.

The network's senior media correspondent tweeted the news:

Apparently, CNN has been auditioning the twice-failed GOP presidential candidate the past few weeks:



Santorum tweets he has been hired as a "Senior Political Commentator":



Donald Trump's inauguration poem describes Barack Obama as a 'tyrant'

'With purpose and strength he came down from his tower, To snatch from a tyrant his ill-gotten power. Now the cry has gone up with a cheer from the crowd: 'Come out for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!'

A poem has been written for Donald Trump's inauguration that pays tribute to his Scottish ancestry and attacks Barack Obama.

The President-elect's mother, Mary Anne Macleod, is a Scot and grew up on the Hebridean island of Lewis.

The poem, which refers to snatching power from “a tyrant” who has “ill-gotten power”, was written by celebrated American poet Joseph Charles McKenzie of the Society of Classical Poets.

The poem, published in full in The Scotsman this weekend, reads as follows:

"Come out for the Domhnall, ye brave men and proud,

The scion of Torquil and best of MacLeod!

With purpose and strength he came down from his tower

To snatch from a tyrant his ill-gotten power.

Now the cry has gone up with a cheer from the crowd:

“Come out for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!”

When freedom is threatened by slavery’s chains

And voices are silenced as misery reigns,

We’ll come out for a leader whose courage is true

Whose virtues are solid and long overdue.

For, he’ll never forget us, we men of the crowd

Who elected the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

When crippling corruption polluted our nation

And plunged our economy into stagnation,

As self-righteous rogues took the opulent office

And plump politicians reneged on their promise

The forgotten continued to form a great crowd

That defended the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

The Domhnall’s a giver whilst others just take,

Ne’er gaining from that which his hands did not make.

A builder of buildings, employing good men,

He’s enriched many cities by factors of ten.

The honest and true gladly march with the crowd

Standing up for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

True friend of the migrant from both far and near,

He welcomes the worthy, but guards our frontier,

Lest a murderous horde, for whom hell is the norm,

Should threaten our lives and our nation deform.

We immigrants hasten to swell the great crowd.”

Coming out for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

Academe now lies dead, the old order rots,

No longer policing our words and our thoughts;

Its ignorant hirelings pretending to teach

Are backward in vision, sophomoric in speech.

Now we learnèd of mind add ourselves to the crowd

That cheers on the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

The black man, forgotten, in poverty dying,

The poor man, the sick man, with young children crying,

The soldier abroad and the mother who waits,

The young without work or behind prison gates,

The veterans, wounded, all welcome the crowd

That fights for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

Whilst hapless old harridans flapping their traps

Teach women to look and behave like us chaps,

The Domhnall defends the defenseless forlorn;

For, a woman’s first right is the right to be born.

Now the bonnie young lassies that fly to the crowd

Have a champion in Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

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