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justhanginon's Journal
justhanginon's Journal
February 10, 2023

As Russia launches its big offensive in Ukraine I wonder about the timing

of the Musk cuts to the Starlink system used by the Ukrainian army in defense of their country from the Russian invaders. It seems more than a coincidence of timing for something that would be of great assistance to Russia and Putin as the much awaited offensive ordered by Putin begins in his continuing attack on Ukraine sovereignity.

October 28, 2020

Yes, got it yesterday. Got the high octane seniors shot and

they looked it up and my pneumonia shots are up to date. Arm a little sore this morning but just locally. I should be good well into spring flu season.

February 5, 2017

KAC. As an homage to Kellyanne Conway this would be a good word for news people or interviewers

to use when their subject starts to bullshite them. They could say"you're KACing me" or don't try to KAC me". If they are a little late to catch on they could say, ruefully, "I've just been KACed".

January 19, 2017

We've had a good eight years.

It has been wonderful for the last eight years for me to lie my head on the pillow at night and not have to worry because I know that President Obama has things under his watch and will act in the best interest of our country. As president Mr. Obama has demonstrated that he has the intelligence and calm demeanor to act only after he has given things or events thoughtful and serious consideration coupled with the knowledge and relevant information he needs.
Presently it seems, and unfortunately, we have a president elect that evidently has minimal or no self control, acts in a rash and ill advised manner with a complete lack of diplomacy or tact with his tweets and is fully capable of starting a war in a fit of personal pique. The idea that mere words tweeted to the internet can have a devastating effect on both the world stage and here domestically seems to elude him. Now, as I lie down to sleep, I have the worry of what a megalomaniaical president to be will do, both in the global arena and or domestically, that will negatively and severely impact the lives of the good people of this country. I think many of us now live in fear of the ramifications of this last election even before he takes office both as to our personal lives and those of our friends and relatives. The virtual certainty that things will only get worse once he actually assumes power with his ill chosen cabinet and advisors is not far-fetched nor is it conducive to a good and restful night's sleep.
It is going to be a very long and trying four years.

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Retired and reasonably happy but deeply concerned about my country.

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