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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 10:02 PM
Number of posts: 112

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Love/hate this story...

I worked for a charity for 10 years.. We helped women and children come
to our shelter to be safe.. That is a real social welfare/charity 501c4...

Posing, and changing the wording to cheat, and hide is a crime!
I say retro it back expose the donors, and tax the money!

I love they got caught, and hate they broke the law in my opinion..

Claiming to be a social welfare/charity, when in fact you are buying
our politicians is the same as,

claiming to be a pharmacist when your actually a drug dealer!!!

How odd they would

have such a beautiful way of living,

then turn around and want to stop

others from using a name... The earth

belongs to all of us... "Live and Let Live"

for goodness sakes! Who cares about a name?...
You have fresh food and shelter.


Please let me know if

I remember correctly.. Westboro are a bunch of Lawyers who show up to protest

anything, and everything, in the hopes that they may SUE the city's where they are

wielding their protests and hate...(like in Boston after the bomb)...
That's how they operate..

If this is true, might I suggest the Tea Bag guy, with the bandanna, (I forgot his name) contact Westboro for representation...

They would make a fine pair!...
just sayin.....ughhh
and btw... from what I have read about Anonymous, and Jester, they deserve an award for this one.... and other work I know of, and approve of!
This makes me happy!!!

I want to see

Citizen Koch,
and Park Avenue...

I do love this news about him steeping down..

Happy Happy

freshwest is one of the first reasons I signed up on DU!!!


in my experience always talk a lot
and never really say anything..

They are notorious for not answering questions,
and really despise being questioned..
I have seen this in action, for 30 years...

They are masters of spin, and talking in

I will take a Warren

2016 bumper sticker too!

Totally love her, and her way of doing things..

She gets it correct every time!
In my humble opinion.

Senator Warren....2016


The time, anxiety, trustworthiness, and money it cost the taxpayers to deal with all of

These 4 dead men need to be able to RIP, and let's not forget to mention the toll this must have taken on their families to deal with all this scandal.

It's shameful!!!!

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