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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 10:02 PM
Number of posts: 112

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Elizabeth Warren

Has my vote!!!

So far she ROCKS..
I want to see her on the ticket 2016.

Warren 2016 for President, or at least Vice President!

lol I know

I was in a mood!

My sentiments bvar22...


but but but wait a

second... Does the GOP REALLY not want her?
This may be the game our parents played on us...
You know.. They say one thing, and we do another thing just because..

Ummm.... Reverse Psychology... are we sure this isn't the game plan?

I question everything, but I am surrounded by very RED, right wing
ding dongs, and hate to think one or two of them might be that clever..

Welcome to DU!!

I understood your OP very well.

I agree with you, higher wages will make for a more enjoyable environment and will
add to the business as well...
I boycott Wal-Mart for the reasons you mentioned..

Have fun here at DU!!!

I agree with what you

say... I would also like to add, that we get a news channel that talks about real issues and not fluff!

Much work must be done...
If we are all on here, and we know these things, but the right wing of our friends and neighbors don't, maybe a channel where we can bring up "real" issues is needed. I don't believe we can depend on the media to cover important topics.

Ed, and Rachael do the best they can, within the bonds of their Masters..
I'm willing to guess that most people , (the ones I talk to anyway), have no ideal
what's really going on, and what the issues are.. Where I live it is impossible....
Its so red with guns, racism, and small minded thinking.. I have about given up!
I may have a total of 4 people out of 340 FB friends that think like me, a Democratic..

A good deed

is always the right thing to do!
You were put there at just the correct time, and had the
means to help.
Pay it forward always..
If we all could, and would, preform these kindnesses, imagine how much better the world would be...
What a sweetheart you must be..


The OP, and post that followed

are very enlightening for me.

I will say this.. if someone always agreed with me, or liked
everything I did, I would question their credibility, and wonder
what the hell they were up too!

That's just me though..
hank goodness for ..." I will agree to disagree"...
Those words can solve many issues.

Warren 2016

Hello... i'm new here

I wrote quite a bit about myself on my profile page, please feel free to look there for
some information about me..
If I wasn't clear, I lean hard toward the left, in most cases..

Thank you for giving me a place to go and be with similar, to like minded people.
FB, is exhausting where I live, and I needed badly to find a place where my views
may at least be acknowledged,maybe even shared, and agreed with at times...

I'm looking for a new home town, and it must be painted blue!


me too!

Either way you slice it...

It's disturbing.
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