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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2013, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 162

About Me

I am now a writer. I use to be a in a few rock bands.

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Put impeachment back on the table.

suddenly this song is relevant again

What happened to the occupation movement?

This is my personal observation of the movement.

No rules for radicals...just right

Ever hear about a chap named Saul Alinsky? Some of you may have..others never did...a majority never did. The right wing lives in this fantasy land and really believe that Sal is this high exulted guru of the American political left. This subject is in my latest blog...

Happy New Year to all D.U

I just wanted to wish everybody on D.U a Happy New Year! This is one of my favorite web site.
there is never a dull moment here!
Thank you

50 years ago I saw adults cry..

I thought this post would be too big for D.U, so here is link to my memoir. I was only 9 years old at the time and this my impressions of that day...

The Butler State

No More Butler State
By Stephen Jay Morris Saturday, October 19, 2013

All of you who are believers…
In Ayn Rands Idolatry…
Take Heed!!!!

Social security is an insurance policy!

Not an entitlement!

Do thou speak it with forked tongue?

Are thou full of bedazzled dung!

Be gone!

All you warlocks!

Hells door…hears your knocks!

Depart you Neo-Cons!

With your sugar glazed imperialism!

Take your leave

You tea bag paranoids!


You oil Well monarchs!

Take your Gold and eat it!
Tomorrow…repeat it!
For you see, Heaven has been occupied by an invitation from

Read my rant about conservatives top rock songs..

Is the House Republicans guilty of high treason?

Is the GOP guilty of The Sedition Act of 1918?

What was the left constantly accused of? Advocating the overthrow of the U.S government. For 3 decades or more, McCarthyites scared American on how enemies, foreign and domestic were out to destroy our constitutional Republic.
So Bochner (Boner) and company in both houses are doing what the Soviets dreamt of doing during the cold war, infiltrate, sabotage, and subvert. Don’t dismiss this as right wing conspiracy paranoia. Just because they are Republicans does not mean they are exempt from Anti-Americanism. How can shutting down the Federal government a patriotic act? I just want someone to explain this me. OK?

Dean Martin: The GOP’s Role Model

By S.J Morris

This question is for people who have basic cable: Do you ever watch CSPAN? Most of the airtime is of Congress or the Senate in session. Usually, you’ll see a bunch of people, milling around, doing nothing. It’s as if you’re watching a surveillance camera outside a 7-11 convenience store. It doesn’t make for very titillating T.V. The only time I watch it is when I have the flu and have nothing better to do. Both houses, basically, are holding tedious legislative sessions. All of the rules and parliamentary procedures would bore even the almighty to tears. And you wonder why the common American doesn’t pay much attention to the mechanics of the constitutionally mandated Houses!
Now, however, we’ve got some action! The bureaucratic, federal bodies are must see T.V! Somehow, to me, this is so contrived; it’s as if some Hollywood producer is running the show! This is a two-party, Vaudeville soap opera, “Shut Down the Federal Government!” How long will this go on? Can you imagine if we were to shut down the oil companies, maybe Wall Street? How about the banks? That, of course, will never happen.
So this neo-Vaudeville show is like professional sports. Who is your team? Who are you rooting for? Please! Most of the political rodeo clowns are Republicans. With their Brooks Brothers suits and Windsor tie knots, they look like background artists for the T.V. series, “Madmen.” Talk about living in the past! They also look like they’re at a cocktail party at the Playboy Mansion. Speaking of cocktails…
On the final night of Congress, just after the shut down began at midnight, a bunch of Republicans emerged from the Congressional Chambers, behind Boehner, smiling and laughing. The cameras caught this and a lot of people interpreted this as schadenfreude, or just old fashioned gloating! The truth was: they were all drunk off their asses! The halls of Congress smelled like a low rent bar in skid row! It was akin to a beer hall celebration in pre-Nazi Germany, after the Brown Shirts had broken a Jewish merchant’s window!
This raises the question: Should members of the House and Senate be administered digital Breathalyzer tests? Why not? It will give the Capitol cops something to do. Not that alcoholism is a problem within the two chambers; this obviously emanates from their college fraternity days. Being an American asshole is so macho! We’ll never see the Democrats having a pot party after passing a bill (don’t I wish).
After all the dust clears, they will simply get away with this unconstitutional act of shutting down the people’s government. And for not working, they will get their usual paychecks.
So, last call for alcohol, boys! Drink up! You’ve made your corporate masters quite happy! My fellow Americans…this is one tavern under God!

If you like my post, check out my blog

Un-American Exceptionalism

Here is an article I found..... I agree with most of it.

Un-American Exceptionalism
(S. J Morris)

Yeah—the U.S. Supreme Court declared that corporations are people. Well, why don’t they take it a step further? For some time now, the hyperbolic slogan has been, “One Nation Under God.” That is a pretty presumptuous assertion and theocratic conclusion. Let the high court declare, “America is God.” Why not? The religious right treats America like it’s some sort of jealous God. This God is a strict deity. You show God that you are willing to work hard or sacrifice your life on the battlefield and, once you satisfy God’s requirements, he becomes your spiritual sugar daddy. Not only are you rewarded with wealth and power, you are than given the status of, “Exemption Immunity.” What does that mean? It means you can sit on your ass and not do anything, because you have butlers and maids doing everything for you. You can then have your own think tank disseminate the propaganda of self-reliance and the virtues of the free market. After all, if you are the right gender or race, then you are the “High Priest/Priestess under God.” God has anointed you because you are one tenth of the one percent.
God doesn’t dig left wing ingrates and malcontents. How dare they blaspheme God’s magnanimous, intelligent design! God created the best country in the world, and you freaks get uptight because a few war vets are sleeping in the streets and oil refineries pollute the air? You pinkos will burn in the lake of fire, and I don’t mean the Cuyahoga River! Lese Majesty!
You say I am antropomorphizing a physical land mass? No. You say I am some type of Pantheist screwball? Wrong! America is God! Why?? Because millions of people want to come here and be part of the omnipotent nation and kiss its feet!
Okay--stop it! Charade is over. Of course, I am kidding. However, I’ll bet you—dime to donuts—that there are people who swear by this. Why?—because of the absurdity of Jingoism.
You may have heard the term, “American Exceptionalism.” The neo-cons embraced this term like a New Age Hippie hugging a tree! Where does it come from, historically? Some say it comes from Alexis De Tocqueville (1805 – 1859). He was a French writer and statesman who wrote a book praising the U.S.A. called, “Democracy in America.” He never used the phrase “American Exceptionalism,” and neither did Seymour Martin, who ever he was. You want to know where it really came from? Hold on to your hats, a tornado of truth is about to blow you away! It came from the delegates of the Communist Party USA, circa 1920. You see, Stalin was bum rapping the United States Commie party as a joke, so they responded by writing essays about “American Exceptionalism.”
Today, the term is as phony as the term “Americanism,” unless you are thinking of The American Legion, who actually adopted it. Scholars and some quarters of the media use the term gratuitously, without knowing the etymology of the phrase. There was never an official adoption or academic acknowledgement of it; at best, it is political colloquial speech that has been floating around in political circles for years. Maybe it can be likened to the many slang terms that made their way into Webster’s Dictionary.
So, the truth is: there is no such thing as “American Exceptionalism.”

If you like this article, then check out my blog…

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