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sanatanadharma's Journal
sanatanadharma's Journal
October 20, 2023

Thank you for the knowledge

I see religion forum topics arise in the Latest Discussions, and go there from time to time because I have interests.
I think I sometimes say stuff.
For me, it is an obvious (non-negate-able) truth that I was born seeking the one knowledge that is rarely given because too few ask.

It is obvious that we all as conscious-beings born in a body at a time and place and given a name and being taught of the world by family and wider circles (hopefully) are taught 'who we are'. But what if we are taught wrong?
As being I was born, prepackaged to seek the answer to one question only about the universe and all creation, the subject matter of the studies of all sciences and arts.

The questioner seeks the answer to the question of "Self" as though the self was some otherness that can be picked up from the earth, pulled off the shelf, studied, measured, objectified, etc like something separate from the very self doing the studying...
... To know the self requires an entirely different way of learning, a different means of knowledge.
The parents, family, friends, peers, teachers in our lives may have miss-informed-us about the true reality of our born-with, a-priori knowledge of our 'conscious-knowing-beingness' that exists before the name.

October 19, 2023

Propaganda is rooted in selfishness, it need not be lying but usually is by omission

Propaganda is rooted in selfishness, it need not be lying but usually is by omission.

Truth should be sought without concern for how it will make one feel, how it will challenge prejudgements and predilections, preferences and desires; essentially the entire package of self-identity wrappers and labels and self-worth.

When the "me" is managed, the other is less bothersome.

October 17, 2023

Marvelous miracles are but observations of the "what-it-is".

Marvelous miracles are but observations of the "what-it-is".
Congratulations on being deeply welcomed in the community.

We never know the roots of the vine that delivers the fruit (phala) of our previous life choices and actions (karmas).

Grace can be as hard to see and acknowledge as is the pain of a life of hard knocks.
The "what it is" is a miraculous menagerie of the marvels of life unfolding from us and also into us.

October 15, 2023

I assume anyone who thinks they can create a new-american century, can't be trusted ...

I assume anyone who thinks they can create a new-american century, can't be trusted because they, effectively, do not understand cause and effect.

The results of actions are not fully manageable. The billiard balls break by the cue balls action, not direction.
There is many a slip between cup and lip, and that is an easy, one person action. What to think of remaking the world.

The so-called good or holy war destroys as surely as any condemned war upon humanity.
The results of the war, the armistice, the reparation, the justice, all divide as surely as they unify.
The new moment becomes the field upon which the next divided moment feeds.

The new generation grows its own grievances needing to be rectified to their point of view.
Borders always create two different points of view.
Two different points of view make borders that must be defended.
Bush will be defenseless before his God.

October 14, 2023

So what is the culpibility of the crypto-world?

The karmic repercussions of actions taken are vastly more complex and uncontrollable than anyone might think.
Karma is action, not result.
The result is the fruit of action, karma phala.
A tree grown by karma may produce bitter fruit as well as sweet.
You do not know until you 'have to eat it'.

October 14, 2023

We are what we eat; what we consume

Hatred consumed can not be digested. Spit it out.
Victims are victims, sadly caught up.
Don't choose to be emotionally victimized.
Don't get caught up seeking blood and gore.

October 14, 2023

In the USA, is the entire population of American held to equal blame for bad leadership actions?

Are all Americans equally guilty of the wrong wrought by the Nation's government?

I think we should all be able to make the wise and too-oft subtle distinctions between actions, results, blame, praise, responsibility, culpability, punishment, reward, revenge, retribution, rehabilitation, ...

October 13, 2023

Post 9/11 too many Americans became pro-torture ...

They have never repudiated it. ... The pro-torture apologists in the USA even got popular culture entertainment torturers to tune into (as though); it was practically 24/7 for a while.

To condemn evil is not to deny cause and effect.
To state cause and effect is not to deny evil.
For one to condemn or praise anything anywhere when there exists no prior reason (cause and effect) for that whatever the one is addressing, is random ridiculousness.

October 11, 2023

De aquerdo! Deliberately avoiding the polution of emotion ...

... is the morally right and self-protectively appropriate choice as a human.
If I indulge (by choice and open eyes) to see the horror, gore, and blood of inhumanity, I am right there along-side the perpetrator of horror.

Appropriate knowledge of wrongs (evil) done is sufficient for acting, condemning, fighting the evil.
It does not profit anyone to deeply, emotionally, viscerally experience horror and terror.
It does not profit anyone to choose a side and accept the utter destruction of the other.

Choosing to watch what happened is quite different from being a victim.
Those who are slaughtered go to heavens, those who watch live in hells.

And for those who need to be told what is revealed between the lines, it does not profit anyone to attack anyone at any age for any reason at any time over any cause anywhere.
Sadly the sacrifice of thee for the sense of "Me" is a universal poison.

July 17, 2023

We can dislike the way gravity waves at us with tsunami of trauma

We can dislike the way gravity-waves at us with tsunami of trauma

Yet we must surf the (shallow) sorrows to arrive at the shinning shores of silent stillness
Of that sand, we were birthed live, and return. Never weren't, never not, never other than dance of consciousness and gravity.

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