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Five Prehistoric Cave Drawings Uncovered in Alabama Are the Largest Discovered in North America

MAY 13, 2022

Hidden in a narrow cavern extending less than two feet from floor to ceiling, five cave drawings are the largest of their kind discovered so far in North America. Three anthropomorphic figures and two rattlesnakes are etched into the mud surface of 19th Unnamed Cave in Alabama—the name is intentionally vague to protect the exact location—with the most sizable glyph measuring nearly 11 feet. The renderings are thought to be from the Early and Middle Woodland prehistoric periods, or between 133 and 433 CE when populations began to shift from primarily nomadic hunting and gathering to settling and establishing agricultural production.

Enigmatic figure of swirling lines, with a round head at one end and a possible rattlesnake tail at the other, 2.12 meters wide

A) Coiled serpent figure with head in the center, 0.50 meters in diameter. B) Wasp with head to the left and abdomen to the right, 0.35 meters across. C) Bird, 0.4 meters across. D) Anthropomorphic figure surrounded by swirling lines, 0.20 meters tall

Anthropomorph in regalia, 2.08 meters tall

Anthropomorph in regalia, with a rayed circle in the midsection, 0.93 meters tall. All images courtesy of Jan F. Simek, Stephen Alvarez, and Alan Cressler in Antiquity

Although the cave is known to house hundreds of Native American drawings, the combination of the small, tight space in this area and the size of the glyphs made it previously impossible for archaeologists to view the works in their entirety. This part of the cave is so limited that even the artists would have had to work on these pieces in segments. Since 2017, though, a research team of Jan F. Simek, Stephen Alvarez, and Alan Cressler has been using photogrammetry, a process that entails capturing overlapping images (approximately 16,000 in this case) and assembling them into a 3D model, to create composites that reveal the full drawings.

The trio published their findings in Antiquity earlier this month with images showing elaborately outfitted figures and diamondback rattlesnakes, a sacred animal to some Indigenous populations that occupied what is now Alabama.

''We know that Native Americans modified their landscapes on very large scales in order to connect the living with the natural and supernatural worlds and to the varied elements of those worlds. The large figures drawn in 19th Unnamed Cave therefore probably represent spirits of the underworld, their power and importance expressed in their shape, size and context.''

In addition to the five drawings and smaller sketches of birds and insects, archeologists also found eight pieces of broken ceramics, which are thought to be from five vessels brought into the space. They did not recover any stone tools or bones, meaning the cave was likely used for a limited range of activities.



🌸 ''The entire world is mind ground; the entire world is blossom heart ...

Because the entire world is blossom heart, the entire world is plum blossoms.''

Dogen (1253)

Excerpted from Moon in a Dewdrop: Writings of Zen Master Dogen Edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi 1985 🌸

Photo: А new mural appeared in the capital Obolon, Kyiv

Author: Sasha Korban


Photos: Hyperrealistic Pink Peonies Oil Paintings

In Maria Marta Morelli’s luxurious oil paintings, delicate peonies almost bloom through the canvas. The works represent the Buenos Aires-based artist’s fascination with the cycle of time and how flowers convey youth but also the “unbearable finitude of life,” she tells Colossal. “With their incredible beauty and freshness, although transitory, they fill us with hope and convince us that life is worth living.”

Morelli will exhibit her works at Art Revolution Taipei in May 2022, and you can follow her practice on Instagram. (via My Modern Met)


There is also a memorial in Washington DC ...

...The Viburnum opulus red berries symbolize 'one's home and native land, blood, and family roots.' The Protectress Spirit in Kiev's Independence Square holds these same berry swags, and their symbolism is deeply rooted in ancient beliefs.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and First Lady Olena Zelenska have visited the Holodomor Memorial to Victims of the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide of 1932–1933 in Washington, the presidential press service has reported.

According to the report, the head of state and his wife put symbolic sheaves of wheat at the foot of the Memorial. After that, members of the official delegation of Ukraine honored the victims of the terrible tragedy of the Ukrainian people.

The Holodomor Memorial was unveiled in downtown Washington in November 2015.

Photos: Enormous Hyperrealistic Flower Drawings in Colored Pencil

Australian artist CJ Hendry shifts her focus to the soft, silky petals of peonies, roses, and tulips. She uses colored pencils to render individual florals and small bunches at an immense scale, magnifying their thin layers and sticky inner organs. The hyperrealistic drawings enhance the dimension and delicacy of each flower as they appear to blossom from the paper with exquisite detail.


Photo: Having more empathy would be an achievement for humanity

Winged Prisms- The Dance of Time

Winner of 10 awards "The Dance of Time" takes the viewer on a unique journey of beauty and into the infinite cycles of nature.Filmed over 4 years in the mountains of the Atlantic rainforests of Brasil, the exuberant nature of this place dances to a unique and original soundtrack.
Usually unseen rhythms and patterns of water and clouds,hidden dances of rarely seen birds,monkeys and serpents, dance in a beautifully ordered and musical rhythm of Nature.
Featuring rare species such as the complete dance of the blue manikin,wooly spider monkeys,Royal Atlantic Flycatcher,Frilled Coquette Hummingbird,Trapdoor spiders and 5 species of serpents.
It expresses the perfect proportions and patterns of natural phenomena and the evidence of a interrelationship of all things.A film of contrasts and opposites that complete each other in Harmonious "Dance of Time".

Photos: Rainbow prism-effect of sunlight passing through hummingbirds' wings

Cloud Angel © Christian Spencer

© Christian Spencer

© Christian Spencer

© Christian Spencer

© Christian Spencer



By Nolan Peterson | March 05, 2022

Since the war began, the lobby of a downtown building in Horishni Plavni has transformed into a workspace to produce camouflage netting. The place hums with activity each day while hundreds of volunteers, ranging from children to the elderly, cut strips of fabric and weave them into nets.

Photo by Nolan Peterson/Coffee or Die

For an outsider, the scene is striking. The Russian army is bearing down on this place, and yet, rather than submit to fear or focus on personal priorities, these Ukrainians are volunteering to help their community.

“We are full of energy and motivation and hope,” said Mykola Mokh, a displaced person from Kharkiv who is among the volunteers in Horishni Plavni. “I have no depression, and no fear of death. I’ll do whatever it takes to live in a free country.”

“We are helping our guys protect themselves,” said Raisa Klymchuk, the project director. “We are at war. This is our duty.”

Sitting alone at home, perhaps one could succumb to fear or depression. But those fears almost instantly fade when acting in concert with one’s community — and feeling useful.

“We are all united by our desire to help,” Klymchuk said. “And the most important thing is to have something to do.”

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