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zuul's Journal
zuul's Journal
December 14, 2012

Media: STOP repeating his name . . . STOP showing his image!!!

I don't want to hear that cowardly piece of shit's name repeated over and over again in the media. I don't want to see his photo plastered on the cover of every newspaper and on every news website. I don't want to give him any recognition for the vile, cowardly act he committed today.

I get it that people will want to know his background to try to understand how this lowly worm came to such a point in his life that he thought murdering the most innocent and defenseless among us was the right course of action.

But, to all members of the media, STOP repeating his name . . . STOP showing his image!!! He does not deserve to be recognized as anything other than 'that cowardly piece of shit who murdered defenseless, innocent children!'

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