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Robert Reich: Sign my Petition for more Dem debates

Saturday night's Democratic presidential primary debate was striking. It was all about substance and logic -- in sharp contrast to Republican debates that have been all name-calling and posturing.

It was the kind of debate that could have really gotten voters excited about the Democratic Party. But because of when it was scheduled, almost nobody saw it.

The Saturday night before Christmas vacation isn't exactly prime time for television watching. In fact, only 6.71 million saw the debate -- that's by far the lowest rating for any debate televised this cycle for either the Democrats or the Republicans.

And the bad scheduling looks like it is just going to keep getting worse. The next Democratic debate will be Sunday, January 17 -- on a three-day holiday weekend, scheduled at the same time as a major NFL playoff game.

The Democratic National Committee seems to have gone out of its way to make sure that America misses these debates. That's a shame.

If Democrats are going to win the White House in November, they need to be making their case to the American people NOW -- and the debates are one of their best opportunities to do so.

The DNC is running out of time to schedule additional debates. Will you join me and Democracy for America -- and sign my petition to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC asking for more weeknight, prime time Democratic debates so America can learn more about our candidates?


By scheduling debates at times few people are likely to watch, the DNC isn't just making it harder for Bernie to challenge Hillary. It's also allowing the Republicans to dominate the news and fill the airwaves with their right-wing rants and big lies.

The Republican National Committee has scheduled twice as many debates as the DNC, and all of them are occurring during weekdays in prime time. As a result, the GOP candidates are getting significantly more media attention than the Democratic candidates -- giving them more opportunity to shape the agenda for the general election in the press and the minds of millions of potential voters.

All three of our Democratic candidates are talking about things that matter to working families -- issues like raising wages, expanding paid family leave and making college debt-free. But because of the DNC's poor scheduling, nobody is hearing their message. And that's bad politics.

I found it extremely refreshing to see three presidential candidates discussing important policy differences on Saturday without stooping to bigotry. I have to believe that the rest of America would feel the same way -- if they were given the opportunity to actually watch.

We don't just need more debates. We need more debates that are scheduled when Americans are actually home and able to watch them. Please join me and DFA and sign my petition asking Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC to give us more weeknight, prime time debates now.

Many thanks, and best wishes for the new year.

Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor
Posted by fleur-de-lisa | Wed Dec 23, 2015, 10:05 AM (7 replies)

E-mail message from Jeff Weaver, Bernie's Campaign Manager, re: DNC dirty tricks

Here's the truth: from the first day of this campaign, our success has shocked many of the Democratic Party Establishment who would have preferred a coronation over a competitive campaign.

And the reality is that the huge turnouts that we've had at our meetings, our strong fundraising, our volunteer base, and quick rise in the polls have caused the Democratic National Committee to place its thumb on the scales in support of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

You see that fact evidenced in their decision to bury the Democratic debates on weekends during nationally televised football games. It's more or less an open secret.

This week, due to a fault in their own technology platforms, the DNC took unprecedented steps to take away our access to data accumulated through tens of thousands of voter contacts made by our volunteers -- supporters like you who power our political revolution. In essence, the Democratic Establishment is effectively shutting down our ability to access the information we need for field campaigns and volunteer activities just six weeks before the Iowa Caucuses. And they haven't told us when they will turn it back on.

In other words, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee is attempting to undermine our insurgent campaign. This is not acceptable. We can and must respond.

Sign our petition telling the Democratic National Committee -- in no uncertain terms -- that you expect a level playing field in this primary campaign. This is important.

That the Democratic Party would deny our staff and volunteers access to data needed to contact voters in Iowa and New Hampshire on the day we reached two million individual contributions and received two of our most prominent endorsements is disconcerting.

We hope they'll do the right thing for us, and for our supporters, quickly. But so far they haven't listened to our campaign. But I am hopeful they'll listen to you.

Send a powerful message to the DNC by adding your name to our petition today:


We'll be in touch soon as this situation evolves. You are the power behind this campaign. We are doing something unprecedented, and that has a lot of people scared.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016
Posted by fleur-de-lisa | Fri Dec 18, 2015, 05:24 PM (4 replies)

I've seen a ton of Bernie bumper stickers in recent weeks . . .

not just in New Orleans proper (which always votes blue), but also in the outlying portions of the Greater New Orleans area that tend to vote republican. I was in Mississippi a few weeks back and even witnessed a lot of Bernie love there!


Posted by fleur-de-lisa | Fri Dec 18, 2015, 04:16 PM (9 replies)
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