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Spitfire of ATJ

Spitfire of ATJ's Journal
Spitfire of ATJ's Journal
February 22, 2016

Two Sisters

The last one was when one sister heard the other was dying and rushed from California to Michigan to be a bone marrow donor.

It didn't work. She passed away a few months later.

The other sister passed away last week on Valentines Day.

Goodbye mom.
May 31, 2015

This is what you get when remove yourself from the rest of the world....

I pictured a SNL sketch of a Bush Family get together where it turns out they have another brother hidden in the attic that they describe as "weird and insane". They go on about him for some time like he's a total freak and how it will bring shame upon the family if anyone ever finds out about him. You then hear he's loose. Everyone is in a panic to find him before anyone sees him. The brother is then seen coming down the stairs,...played by Tommy Chong,....who then rips them all apart for all the crimes they've done and the lies before the servants shoot him with a tranquilizer dart and take him back up to his room in the attic.

January 25, 2015

Guess what?

[font size=10 color=red]Post #20,000[/font]
August 5, 2014

WTF is the matter with some white people???

White people have this idea that they fought a war with Mexico and won and then ran all the Mexicans over the border and took their land. This is why they act like everyone with brown skin MUST have come from over the border, don't belong here and need to be deported "back home".

I know seventh+ generation Latinos who can trace their ancestry back to when their great great great whatever who voted in the election of 1849 to make California a state and became instant citizens as a result.

White people told peasants that they would be free and then made them their servants.

If we were HONEST as a country, we would be more like Canada. They had England and France and we have England and Spain. (And German, and Irish, and Italian,....etc.)

The PROBLEM is we have a BIG swath of dumbasses in this country who call themselves "American" and don't even KNOW their ancestry. All they know is their great granddad's shootin' iron is over the mantelpiece and they like to think he used it against "injuns" when he used it to hunt squirrels. (A source of protein not exactly known to be "brain food&quot

July 19, 2014

Wanna know the truth?

February 6, 2014

The whole "Benghazi Thing" is a joke....

According to the Right Wing it went down like this:

1: Obama kills Osama bin Laden and then struts all over Washington DC claiming he won the war on terror and terrorism was no longer an issue.

2: One of our embassies gets attacked by terrorists.

3: The Administration, having previously claimed the war on terror was over and there were no more terrorists refuses to call this terrorist attack a terrorist attack because that undermines their prior claim that there were no more terrorists because Obama already won the war on terror when he killed Osama bin Laden.

The same people who believe this also believe the government is using mind control drugs.

Of which THEY are immune, of course.

January 18, 2014

I tell Right Wingers that Reagan believed in VOLUNTARY wealth redistribution....

That was the entire concept behind "trickle down". That money was supposed to go into PAYROLL.

Then I tell them the rich BETRAYED Reagan and kept the money for themselves.

Gotz to use simple words for simple minds.

January 6, 2014

I tell these types that the rich betrayed Reagan....

I say Reagan believed in VOLUNTARY income redistribution but that's turned out to be like "self regulating".

The rich claimed they WANTED to increase wages for their workers and hire more people but couldn't afford it because their taxes were too high. The rich were supposed to "trickle down" the wealth they were getting from Reagan but they pocketed it instead.

That hits conservatives in a new way where their worship of the rich is pitted against their love of all things Reagan.

Guess which they pick?

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