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samnsara's Journal
samnsara's Journal
October 4, 2017

have you ever heard of Powrtabs.com?

..I bought a dozen of these off the MEH site (I love that site). Go to the Powrtab site and you will see what I am talking about. Anyway.. they also have a FB page and I asked them if they would consider donating (a lot) of these tabs to PR since they are without power and they have one cell site up and running. These tabs are wrapped, disposable charging devices for Apple and Android and can provide up to 4 hrs standby ( or up to one hr heavy use..text..talk)..but they may be just enuff for ppl to get word out to loved ones or for emergencies.

I just cant get out of my mind how poorly trump treated them and I really want to do something...anything..to help out. I'm near Seattle....might as well be in Canada! ( I wish!)

September 25, 2017

Im sitting in my living room waiting for my neighbor to die....

..Hes on hospice and his wife told the other neighbors he will more than likely pass today. He and his wife are in their early 70s.. my hubby and i not much younger. Neighbor Bill looked much older ...he was from Tennessee, rolled his own cigarettes, had a tough life. I never knew his political leanings but it didn't matter (altho I can guess who he supported) because he was a real neighbor to me...one I could always count on.

We have been neighbors for almost 25 years....not the kind where you have dinner together, play cards, bar b q or hang out....but the kind you call when you are just needing a neighborly hand. He was always there to help....got my mail for me on vacations, we fed their dogs for them, we called each other with wildlife sightings ( 'get your dogs inside theres a cougar, bear, rattlesnake etc) and when we observed the first hummingbirds to arrive in the spring etc.

We live miles from town deep in a canyon in the woods so we watch out for each other but don't get in each others faces. Only a handful of houses up here so even when any of us went the 15 miles into town we checked with one another if anyone 'needed anything'.

I knew he had cancer but I thought it had been beaten.. I probably talked to him just one time this year.

So I can see his house though the pine trees across the canyon. Hospice is there, his dtr is there. One neighbor is running a chain saw for some reason and I hear a lawnmower...its starting to rain. We are all just kind of watching and waiting. I assume if he passes there will be an official vehicle of some kind.
Godspeed Bill....

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