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Profile Information

Name: cindy
Gender: Female
Hometown: nebraska
Home country: U.S.A
Current location: NEBRASKA
Member since: Wed Apr 11, 2012, 11:03 AM
Number of posts: 37

Journal Archives

Just voted for

our awesome president and vise president!!!

That assho

is in Nebraska spreading his deception here.


They (GOP) was probably responsible for the whole attack! That is how they work and is probably why they are broke!

They act

as if they have all the questions and he just needs to memorize the answers.

"September Dawn"

Check that movie out. It tells all about it. Better hurry or all the copies will be destroyed.

I was thinking

that Jan Brewer from Az. was Hitler and Eva's daughter, she looks , sounds and acts just like they did. They all (GOP) act like a bunch of nazi's and they are a part of their party, so, if the shoe fits. Paling around with real terrorist!!

Were not

the presidents parents attending college when he was born? Wouldn't there be records there of them? Just wondering.

Too soon

They were attaching Obama starting 4 years ago, I think that was too soon, for this election cycle.

I pray peace to you

If they had stopped it,

they couldn't have lined their pockets with the loot! Just stating a fact.
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