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Member since: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Rick Wilson just said the greatest line on the Joy Reid Show.

"Three things one should never rush in life: SEX, COOKING RIBS AND IMPEACHMENT."

He advocates impeachment by 1000 cuts—investigations, hearings, testimony, subpoenas, court rulings giving access to documents and so on.

Also the panel are discussing that what's happening now with the above mentioned things going on already, is essentially an impeachment inquiry without it officially being called that.

IMO we should call it that which would therefore require all newscasts, cable shows, social media and newspapers to call it that as well. And if necessary proceed to official impeachment hearings and send it to the Senate. If the repugs don't convict it will be at their own risk as trump desperately doesn't want that stain on his name. I say we will be in a stronger position for 2020 with trump being branded as being impeached.

I say let's go for it as we'll be in a stronger position for gaining the WH than an impeached crook will be in retaining it. The polls already show that a majority say they won't vote for trump in 2020.

Do your research. Hume is a winger from way bcck.

He might be a never trumper but make no mistake, he's way to the right. And IMO he's trying some reverse pyschology by praising the mayor—get Dems divided.
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