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Trueblue Texan

Trueblue Texan's Journal
Trueblue Texan's Journal
July 30, 2020

Oh... Where is Rachel?

Oh my! Three weeknights and a weekend without her. I love Ari just fine, he is a good man, but it's Rachel that gets me through the night. Miss her so much these days she needs off. I have never been a groupie or big fan of anything except maybe the Tuna plays. But I gotta have my Rachel fix regularly.

Pining away here....

July 28, 2020

My Election Day plan:

Today I requested leave on November 3 & 4. The 4th is for me to rest up...I can stay up late the night of the 3rd drinking iced beer, watching the election returns come in. I can stay up late as I need to...that’s why you put ice in your beer. Mexican beer with lemon, over ice, will sooth your anxiety through the night without getting you drunk. I look forward to calling loved ones and crying joyfully over the results, gushing with outrageous relief and elation that we have saved Democracy, that America is not done, that justice will prevail and we can begin planning the restoration of our American dream—and I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout home ownership, n’kay?

November the 3rd is another story. I will vote early, so I won’t vote on the 3rd. Instead, I will fill my station wagon with folding chairs, easy to share food, bottled water, and hand sanitizer. I will stalk the polling places in this area, multiple counties, and I will do whatever I can to support voters in their bravery to exercise their right to vote. And I will take photos.

This what I can do. This is what I will do.

July 14, 2020

Voting this morning...poll workers without masks

Guess which party? When I asked them if they should be wearing masks they told me they were on private property. I told them polling places were public. (It was in a church). Then they told me they were adequate distance from each other. (They were 4-5 foot apart.). Another poll worker told me as long as they were 20 foot apart masks were not required. When I left I told them they weren’t even 6 foot apart. I hope they don’t spread the virus but I won’t be sad if they get it.

July 11, 2020

Sometimes it's all too much...often it is...

There are times when I want to scream in the face of every human being I see that they don't need to take our democracy for granted, that many nations have fallen into fascism in the past. Why can't people see that is what is happening to this nation? They are so worried about socialism, they ignore the grave danger of corruption that is steering the once greatest nation in the world straight into the abyss of fascism. I can become quite despairing, knowing that democracy is hanging on by a thread.

But then I remember that yes, nations have fallen to corrupt leadership before. But nations have also risen up against those corrupt forces, demanded and received justice and accountability for acts against their freedoms. And the ones who corrupted and exploited were sent to prison or death or some other venue of accountability. I will hold onto that thought and remember it when Trump's blatent disregard for law again screams in our faces.

July 3, 2020

What new concoction have you learned to cook since staying home?

I've learned to make my own version of carne guisada, roasted eggplant sauced and topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Also, have gotten really handy with garbanzo bean salads for lunches. What about you guys? Share?

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